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EA Redwood Stops Being a Nancy Boy, Gets Visceral

Bay Area Studio Behind Heart-Pounding Action Franchises Dead Space and Dante`s InfernoRead the full article…

dead space 3 retrospective

Revisiting Dead Space 3, the Final Chapter in Visceral’s Space Oddity

Isaac’s story reached its end with an action-packed but no less enjoyable finale.

Why We’ll Be Delaying Our Star Wars Battlefront II Review

We’ve played the campaign and the multiplayer in a closed environment.

Battlefield 1: They Shall Not Pass DLC Interview With DICE

Tanks, artillery, and blue uniforms: Oh my!

Battlefield 1: They Shall Not Pass DLC Preview – Fighting French (PS4)

There’s no apathy among these soldiers

Madden NFL 16 Review – Down, Set, Hut!

Worth the cash or just an expensive roster update? Read on to find out.

EA Hosting Playtests for Star Wars: Battlefront Next Week

Testers to sign NDAs.

PS3 Review – Dead Space 2

Isacc Clarke is back and, unfortunately, so are the Necromorphs that he so tirelessly worked to eradicate on the USG Ishimura. How does the second time around go?

Dead Space 2 Limited Edition, The Only Edition

In 2008 Dead Space graced next-gen consoles with its spine-tingling horror and strategic dismemberment. EARead the full article…

Dante’s Inferno Emerges from Hell

Last week, EA Redwood Shores and and A2M announced a portable versionRead the full article…

Godfather II Makes an Offer you can’t Refuse April 7th

Written by Richard EA has pushed Godfather II to April 7th. OriginallyRead the full article…