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adventure time pirates of enchiridion esrb rating

Adventure Time: Pirates of Enchiridion ESRB Rating Details ‘Whimsical Attacks’ and ‘Flatulence’

Rating not for hoomans, martians, and non-citizens of Ooo.

vampyr violence

Vampyr’s ESRB Rating Provides Some Details About Its Mature Themes

Expect some decapitated heads.

rollercoaster tycoon joyride gameplay

ESRB Rating Reveals New Details on RollerCoaster Tycoon Joyride


earthfall ps4

Earthfall ESRB Rating Reveals More Details About Upcoming Shooter

Rated T.

musynx ps4

ESRB Rating Reveals Musynx Will Come to PlayStation 4

Get ready to rock.

demons souls ps4

Demon’s Souls Has Been Rated by the ESRB Again

It’s nearly identical to the first listing.

The ESRB’s Labeling of ‘In-Game Purchases’ Does Nothing to Solve the Loot Box Problem

Labeling games with in-game purchases is like alerting players when games are interactive.

shining resonance refrain ps4

ESRB Rating for Shining Resonance Refrain Reveals New Details

Use swords and magic to fight enemies!

pegi loot boxes

ESRB Announces it Will Add In-Game Purchases Label to Games

Label will appear for any in-game purchase features.

loot box controversy

U.S. Senator Asks ESRB to Look Into Loot Box Practices

Will anything come of it?

state of mind ps4

State of Mind Resurfaces in the Form of Recent ESRB Rating

Could a release date be coming?

ni no kuni 2 protagonist

Ni no Kuni II is More Violent than the Original Game According to ESRB

It’s rated Teen.

Read the Final Fantasy XV Update 1.22 Patch Notes

Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition Rated by ESRB

What does it include?

Far cry 5 drugs

Far Cry 5 ESRB Rating Reveals Gameplay Details, Drug Use

Drugs will boost your skills.

attack on titan 2 esrb rating

The Attack on Titan 2 ESRB Rating Talks About Discernible Genitalia

Poor Titans 🙁

Dynasty Warriors 9 Lu Lingqi gameplay

The Dynasty Warriors 9 ESRB Rating Has Been Revealed, Features “Mild Language” and “Violence”

Mild violence, language, and more.

Secret of Mana launch trailer

Secret of Mana Remake Gets Rated by ESRB, Has “Moderate Amounts of Cleavage”

There are also some suggestive comments.

god of war atreus

ESRB Description Reveals New God of War PS4 Gameplay Details

There’ll be dragons!

ruiner difficulty

Ruiner Physical Release Canceled on PS4 Due to New ESRB Mandates

It no longer makes financial sense.

ESRB Won’t Classify In-Game Loot Boxes as Gambling

Compares them to collectible card game packs.