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Tekken 7 patch released

Bandai Namco Addresses Broken Moves With New Tekken 7 Patch


destiny 2 hotfix

Bungie Drops Hotfix Patch Notes for Destiny 2 Version 2.02

Weapons, abilities, and more.

no mans sky next patch

Upcoming No Man’s Sky NEXT Patch Will Add New Custom Options for Body Shape

New attack behaviors will be added to Biological Horrors.

Shenmue 1 and 2 PS4 Patch

Shenmue I & II Patch Launched for PC, Delayed for Consoles

Well, well, well… PC first, eh?

Destiny 2 update patch notes forsaken

Forsaken is Officially Out With Destiny 2 Update, Read the Patch Notes

Some lengthy patch notes as Destiny 2’s second year launches.

Destiny 2 update 2.0

Get Ready for Forsaken with Destiny 2 Update 2.0, Get All the Patch Notes Here

The biggest set of changes to ever come to Destiny 2.

no mans sky next patch

Upcoming No Man’s Sky NEXT Patch Fixes Lobby Display Issue on the PS4

Already out on PC, going live on consoles soon.

no mans sky next patch

No Man’s Sky NEXT Patch 1.55 Comes With a Number of Fixes and Gameplay Improvements

Available now on all platforms.

New Dragon Ball FighterZ Patch

Dragon Ball FighterZ Patch 1.11 Enters the Arena

This new patch is available now.

Star Wars Battlefront II Update

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Patch Brings Back Favorites and Rebalances Game

The return of lightning hands and cuties with spears.

battlefield 1

A Brand-New Battlefield 1 Update Just Went Live! Check Out All of the Patch Notes Here

Read all the patch notes for the Battlefield 1 Summer Update right here!

no mans sky next patch

Patch Notes for No Man’s Sky NEXT Update 1.51 and Incoming Update 1.52 Released

Fixes various crashes and other bugs.

overwatch wrecking ball patch notes

Wrecking Ball Rolls into Overwatch on PS4 – Patch Notes Released

Ham! Mecha! Ham mecha!

dead by daylight patch notes

Dead by Daylight Patch Notes Released for Curtain Call Update

Since when does a horror game need balance?

no mans sky next patch

No Man’s Sky NEXT Patch Notes Revealed

So, what’s NEXT?

Fortnite Patch Notes 5.1 arrive

Fortnite 5.1 Patch Notes Are Here: Playground Mode, Compact SMG and More

Patch time, so that means it’s reading time.

overwatch mercy

Upcoming Overwatch Patch to Nerf Mercy, Balance Other Support Heroes

Blizzard explains why it’s reducing Mercy’s healing output.

Shadow of War new update

Microtransactions Removed in Middle-earth: Shadow of War’s Free Update, Full Patch Notes

No more marketplace.

Dark Souls Remastered New Patch

Dark Souls Remastered New Patch Will Make Cheaters Visible

No more invisibility cloaks for you cheaters.

Far Cry 5 Patch Notes released

Take Lovely Snapshots of Montana in Far Cry 5 Photo Mode, Latest Update Patch Notes Released

Happy snaps. Bang, bang, and then some more happy snaps.