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Sony Introduces New Mini Wired Gamepad for PS4

40% smaller, and cheaper!

Tiny Metal

Sony Music Creates New Publishing Label, and Their First Game is Coming to Switch

They’re working on several projects.

PS4 and Xbox One Cross play

Xbox Boss Wants Sony To Explain Why They Won’t Support PS4 and Xbox One Cross-Play

Phile Spencer feels that cross-play supports gamers and developers.

psvr games list

Sony Shares Lineup of 60+ Upcoming PSVR Games

That’s a lot of games!

paris games week sony

Sony Promises “Big New Game Announcements” for Paris Games Week

Are you excited?

psvr games list

Sony Celebrating PSVR’s Anniversary and Its Extensive Library With New Video Series

Feel them all!

playstation credit card

Sony Introduces New PlayStation Credit Card in Collaboration With Capital One

Earn Sony rewards on every purchase.

PUBG fortnite

Bluehole in Talks with Sony for PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds PS4

Will we see it soon?

sony tgs 2017 conference

Now Loading: Were You Impressed by Sony’s TGS 2017 Conference?

Did you like it?

Platinum Trophy Rewards

Sony is Giving Out Actual Platinum Trophy Rewards

Will you be one?

psvr sales

VR Needs More Competition to Thrive, Says Sony’s Andrew House

PSVR demand remains “unmatched,” according to data.

Sony Tokyo Game Show 2017

Watch the Sony TGS 2017 Live Stream – Day Four

Includes Monster Hunter, Yakuza, Dynasty Warriors & GT Sport!

Sony Tokyo Game Show 2017

Watch the Sony TGS 2017 Live Stream – Day Three

Featuring Code Vein, Monster Hunter: World, and Detroit: Become Human!

PS4 Update 5.0

Sony Releases System Update to 5.0 Beta After Issues From 4.74 Update

Fixes major issues

Sony Tokyo Game Show 2017

Watch the Sony TGS 2017 Live Stream – Day One

They’ve got a busy first day of the show planned!

knowledge is power playlink

Sony Published PlayLink Trivia Game Knowledge is Power Has Gone Gold

It’s ready for its October launch.

PlayStation TGS Conference 2017 Preview

Watch the Sony PlayStation TGS 2017 Press Conference Live Stream

Watch the press conference with us!

Call of Duty WWII campaign

Sony Announces Call of Duty: WWII PS4 Bundle

Coming this November!

PS4 System Update

PS4 System Update 4.74 Features 5.00 Beta Limitations, Sony Warns Not to Update

Sony done goofed.

Sony Tokyo Game Show 2017

Sony Reveals Their Initial Tokyo Game Show 2017 Lineup

Tons of first & third-party PS4 games will be playable there!