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PlayStation Plus Offer

Sony Is Offering 15 Months of PlayStation Plus for the Price of 12 in Europe

Deal expires just before the price increase.

gnomageddon ps4

Learn More About Sony’s Cancelled PS4 Exclusive, Gnomageddon, in New Video

It became a victim of Kill Strain’s failure.


Sony Financials: PS4 Shipments Reach 63.3 Million Lifetime, Operating Income Drops 60%

Uncharted 4 is the reason for the drop.


Minecraft Dev Is “Still in Discussions With Sony” About PS4 Cross-Platform Play

Mojang says their server partners have “taken steps to ensure online play is safe.”

God of War PS4 (8)

Sony Santa Monica Talks About Atreus’ Role in God of War

He can translate runes, solve puzzles, and help in battle.


Sony’s Jim Ryan: ‘The Days of a 13-Year PS2 Cycle Will Almost Certainly Never Repeat Themselves’

PlayStation Europe’s Jim Ryan speaks out on hardware refreshes.


Sony Drops the Price of Horizon Zero Dawn to $49.99

And Best Buy has it even cheaper as part of their 1-day sale.

Shadow Warrior 2 Shotgun

Sony Lists 25 PS4 & PSVR Games You May Have Missed in 2017

21 for PS4, 4 for PSVR.


Pachter Thinks Sony Will Drop the PS4 & PS4 Pro Price By $50 This Holiday

… after previously saying the PS4 would drop by $100 this year.

Gravity Rush 2 555x328

Sony Drops the Price of Gravity Rush 2 to $39.99

LEGO Star Wars, LEGO City Undercover, and Mortal Kombat XL also get price drops.


Sony Gives Price Drops to Four PSVR Games, Including StarBlood Arena & RIGS

In North America only.


Sony Is Sending Out the Spend $100, Get $15 Back & E3 Experience Digital Gift Basket Codes

The Digital Gift Basket includes $15 PlayStation Store credit and more.

PlayStation Trophy Hunters

Sony: PS4 Trophies Now “Sync Much Quicker Than Ever Before”

“… so it’ll be easier to show off your achievements!”


That’s You! Developer Worked With Sony to Enable the PS4 Wi-Fi Hotspot In-Game Feature

But using it disables PSN features and doesn’t grant internet access.


‘World’s Fastest Platinum Trophy Game’ Dev Worked With Sony for Months to Meet Every Standard

Sony gave it their blessing, “… even if they still squinted at it sideways.”


Sony’s Japan Studio Looking Into Developing “Several New Titles”

Expect them to be passion projects.


Sony Removes the World’s Fastest Platinum Trophy Game From the PlayStation Store

But not for the reason you might think.


Sony Updates the PS4 TV & Video Experience in Europe With a New Look

And users report slow loading times and lots of ads.