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God of War PS4

Sony Santa Monica Hiring for God of War PS4 Team

Help wanted.


PSN Down Across All Platforms, Sony Confirms (Update)

All services affected.


Sony Offers a Look at PlayStation VR’s Early Days in New Video

Early hardware was held together by strings and sticky tape!


2-Step Verification Now Available for PSN Accounts, Sony Confirms

Here’s how to add the extra layer of security to your account.


PlayStation Now for PC Confirmed by Sony, Releases Soon

DualShock 4 USD Wireless Adaptor coming next month.

PlayStation VR headset

PlayStation VR’s Launch is Going to be “Big,” Says Sony

Ryan also talks about AAA and indies.


Sony Europe Apologizes for the Retro/Grade PlayStation Plus Error, Adds EndWar to the IGC

Something like this won’t happen again.


UK Sales Chart: No Man’s Sky Sees Sony’s 2nd Biggest PS4 Launch of All-Time

It’s also Sony’s biggest new IP launch on PS4.

PS4 warranty disc eject

Sony Netherlands Extends PS4 Warranty for All Launch Consoles With Disc Ejection Problems

Did your launch PS4 have this issue?


Sony’s gamescom 2016 Lineup Includes Gran Turismo Sport, Lots of PlayStation VR Games

Horizon Zero Dawn, Detroit will be shown off.


PlayStation Meeting Happening on September 7 in New York, Sony Confirms

They’ll share details about the PlayStation business.

playstation inactive account

Sony Can Close Inactive PlayStation Network Accounts in Europe According to New Terms of Service

When was the last time you logged in?

No Mans Sky YouTube Videos

Sony Lays the Smack Down on No Man’s Sky YouTube Videos, Even Those Simply Discussing the Game

Has Sony out-YouTubed YouTube with the copyright button?

lost soul aside

Lone Developer Working on Final Fantasy XV Inspired Title “Lost Soul Aside” Contacted by Sony & Others

Action game with fantasy art style.


Sony Issues Statement on Leaked No Man’s Sky Review Copies, Confirms Progress Will Be Reset

Progress from leaked copies will NOT carry over.


2016 GameStop Expo Takes Place on September 14, Sony Will Demo PlayStation VR & Gran Turismo Sport

There’s going to be over 50 new and unreleased playable games.


Fallout 4 Update 1.7 Previewed, Vault-Tec Workshop Update in Testing With Sony

Expect both this month on PS4.


Sony’s Jim Ryan Refuses to Rule Out PS4 and Xbox One Cross-Platform Support

“It’s really down to the developer and publisher.”


Bethesda Is Working With Sony to Get Fallout 4 Mods on PS4, “Process is Still Under Evaluation”

Still no release date though.