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Sony: PS Vita PlayStation Store Issue After Update 3.57 Is Now Resolved

It wasn’t due to the new firmware.


Ark Survival Evolved Developer: “We Wish Sony Had an Early Access Program” on PS4

Currently, Sony won’t allow Ark on PS4 until it’s finished.


PSN Down Reports Coming in on PS4, Sony Says It’s Back Online (Update)

Seems to be fairly widespread.

ps4 vs xbox one

Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg Talks Rivalry With Sony, Says There’s “No Hatred” Between the Two

What you see online isn’t exactly how the industry operates.


Sony Records “Significant” PlayStation 4 Sales Spike During Christmas Quarter

8.4 million units sold between October and December 2015.


USPTO Agrees With Law Firm’s Case Against Sony’s “Let’s Play” Trademark Application

Makes it almost impossible for Sony to trademark it.


Guerrilla Games Acts as Hideo Kojima’s Next Pit Stop on Sony Tour

Home of both the Killzone franchise and Horizon Zero Dawn.


Sony Interactive Entertainment Announced, Merges Sony Computer Entertainment & Sony Network Entertainment

This will power the next 20 years of PlayStation innovation.


Hideo Kojima & Mark Cerny Head to Sony London Studio and Media Molecule, Try out PlayStation VR

See the pictures inside.


Hideo Kojima’s Sony Road Trip Takes Dev to Naughty Dog, Sony Bend and Sony Santa Monica

Sony’s unofficial road trip movie continues!


Ask Sony for Ark: Survival Evolved PS4 Early Access, Says Developer

Ark made it to Xbox One early access thanks to a large push by Microsoft.


Sony’s Gio Corsi: We Always Say When Starting a Project, “Are You Open to Doing a Vita Version?”

“That’s usually met with a positive.”

brutal ps4

Brut@l PS4 Interview – Talking Stormcloud’s Upcoming Game, PSX 2015, Relationship With Sony & More

We also talk indies, launching on PS Plus, and more!


Law Firm Files Letter of Protest Against Sony’s “Let’s Play” Trademark Application

They think Sony made a “shameless attempt.”


Sony Taipei Game Show Stage Schedule for 2016 Revealed

Some big games making appearances.


Sony Trademarks “VRPG” in Japan

Virtual Reality RPG?


Sony: PS4 Was #1 in US Console Sales for December 2015 & All of 2015

They were #1 in third-party software sales for all of 2015 as well.

ps4 vs xbox one

Sony’s Marketing Spend on TV Ads Exceeded Microsoft’s in 2015

But Nintendo ran more adverts than the two combined.


PlayStation Now UK Adds 23 New Games, Sony Working to Bring PS Now to Other Countries in Europe

February 2016 additions previewed.


Tutorial Video Shows Best Way to Play PSOne Games Across Sony’s Consoles

Optimized for PS2, PS3, PSP, Vita, and PSTV!