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Sony Shares Its List of “Kickass” Female Characters Who “Redefined PlayStation Gaming”

There’s seven of ’em!


Sony Explains the Events That Took Place Before NieR: Automata’s Story

May contain spoilers for original Nier and Drakengard!


Sony Says PS4 Update 4.50 Doesn’t Have a Release Date, PlayStation China Leaks the Patch Notes

The waiting continues.


UK Sales Chart: Horizon Zero Dawn Sees Sony’s Biggest Ever New IP Launch on PS4

Horizon Zero Dawn also sees the biggest debut of 2017 so far.


Sony Interactive Entertainment Australia Managing Director Made Redundant

Thanks for the memories.


Sony Is Letting You Vote on Upcoming Discounts Through the North American PlayStation Store

Vote for Your Favorite.


Sony’s GDC 2017 Lineup Includes Farpoint, Gran Turismo Sport

There will be a Farpoint demo with the Aim Controller.

sony santa monica canned IP

Report: Artwork From Sony Santa Monica’s Cancelled Game Surfaces Online

Over 30 images!


Sony XDev Europe Is Working on “Lots of Cool, Still to Be Announced Games”

Expect more WipEout Omega Collection news soon.


E3 2017: Participating Companies List Includes Sony, Bethesda, Ubisoft & Many More

Consumer tickets are on sale!


Former Sony VR Developer Starts New Studio

More VR for everyone!


Sony Offers Tips to “Defy Death” in Nioh, Releases DLC for Those Who Cleared Alpha/Last Chance Trial

Check out the launch trailer as well.

PSVR Price

Sony Says PS4 Pro and PSVR Are Selling as Expected

PSVR is inline with expectations, PS4 Pro may be doing better than anticipated.


Sony Financials: PS4 Shipped 9.7 Million Units in Q3, Game & Network Sales Rose

PlayStation VR contributed to the rise in sales.


Sony Is Releasing More PlayStation VR Bundles This Month in North America

Sony says “the game lineup looks to be incredibly strong in 2017. “

PS4 Pro Production

PS4 Pro Rest Mode Issue to Be Fixed by Sony This Spring, Says Stardew Valley Developer

The bug isn’t specific to Stardew Valley.

PlayStation Store 555x328

Sony Is Giving Away $1,000 in PlayStation Store Credit

Plus daily $100 drawings.


Sony’s New Third-Party Relations VP: We’ll “Continue to Focus on Indie Games and Unique Partnerships”

Florian Hunziker is taking Adam Boyes’s old job.


Looking Forward to Sony’s 2017 Published Games

Here’s what Sony has in the works.

Rigs review mechanized combat league 2

Sony to Close RIGS, Killzone Mercenary Developer Guerrilla Cambridge

Guerrilla Amsterdam is unaffected by the closure.