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Sony Is Much Easier to Talk to and Work With Than Microsoft, Says Indie Dev

Microsoft hasn’t shown much of an interest.


PlayStation US Boss Says Sony Won’t Follow Path of Smartphones, PlayStation 5 Will Exist

Shawn Layden says it’ll “probably be some time” until the PlayStation 5 happens.


Sony Looking Forward to “Selling a Lot of PS4 Pros” This Christmas, Says It Underestimated Demand

About 40% of Pro buyers are upgrading console.

Now Loading...Should Sony Be Worried of the Xbox One X

Now Loading…Should Sony Be Worried of the Xbox One X?

Well, should they?


Sony: The Horizon Zero Dawn Roadmap Is “Expressed in Multiple Years”

Shawn Layden thinks they’ll “be in the Horizon business for a long time.”

Spider-Man (5)

Sony’s PS4 Games in 2018 Are “Most Likely” Releasing in the First Half of the Year, Says Layden

Does this mean we can expect God of War, Spider-Man, and Shadow of the Colossus before E3 2018?

Sony Santa Monica Explains Why Kratos Isn’t Using the Blades of Chaos in God of War PS4

Looks like it won’t be back.


Xbox Boss Responds to Sony’s Comment About Minecraft Cross-Play

The Nintendo Switch version of Minecraft requires an Xbox Live log in.


Sony: We Agreed Not to Announce PS4 Release Dates Until “We Are So Close” to a Finished Stage

He’s played Sucker Punch’s new game many times.


Sony on Their E3 2017 Conference: “It’s Just Not Really Possible to Have Dozens of Announcements at Each Show”

Jim Ryan talks Xbox One X, PS4 Pro, Dreams, and more.

Sony: There Are Things “We Chose Not to Show” During E3 2017, More News Coming Later This Year

It was intentional for Sony to just show games, not developers during their conference.

PlayStation E3 02

10 Disappointments From Sony’s E3 2017 Press Conference

Not everything was great about the show.


Sony on Lack of PS4 Cross-Play With Xbox & Switch: “We’ve Got to Be Mindful of Our Responsibility to Our Install Base”

It doesn’t sound like PS4 players will be playing with Xbox One/Switch players anytime soon.


E3 2017 – Sony Unveils Social Game “That’s You” Under PlayLink Platform

Party games!


E3 2017 – Sony Unveils Inpatient, a New Horror Game Coming to PSVR

Sony going big with PSVR.

Shadow of Colossus 01

E3 2017 – Sony Has Announced a Shadow of the Colossus Remaster for PS4

Start the countdown.


E3 2017 – Sony Has Announced Monster Hunter World. Coming in Early 2018 to the PS4.

Was that a gatling gun?


E3 2017 – Sony Shows Off Sparc VR Gameplay in New Trailer

Looks interesting.