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Sony Uses MLB 14: The Show Video to Predict the 2014 MLB World Series Winner

Do you think they’re right?


Sony Giving Away Uncharted: Golden Abyss Theme for PS Vita

Free stuff!


Sony: More Details on PlayStation Experience Surfacing Later This Week

Ticket details also coming this week, too.


Sony Japan Reveals Screenshots for PS4 System Update 2.00, Share Play

See all the new color options.


Sony Releasing eSport Program “PlayStation Official League” in Spain

This looks pretty awesome.


Report: Sony Preparing to Package Game Consoles for Release in China

Hopefully coming soon.

Sony Xperia Z3v

Sony’s Xperia Z3v Smartphone Hitting US This Month, Will Feature Remote Play

This looks pretty cool.

Project Morpheus

Sony: “A Lot of Extremely Cool, Super-Secret Stuff Planned for Project Morpheus

Now all we need is a price and release date.


Sony Aware of DriveClub & PSN Issues, Working to Resolve Them (Update 4)

They’re also aware of Destiny’s maintenance.


Project Morpheus Social Games Being Developed by Sony

Still no release window or price.


Minecraft: PS4 Edition Update in Test With Sony, Fixes Multiple Bugs

They’re also working on another update for all Minecraft console editions.


Sony Europe Teams Up With UK Government to Fund Future Game Developers

Ubisoft Reflections and others join as well.


Report: PS4 Now at Over 10.3 Million Sold, Sony Hoping PS4 Income Will Cut Expected Losses

Wow, so many PS4 consoles sold!


Project Morpheus is a Game-Changing Tech as Sound Was to Silent Films, Claims Sony

Sony dev Dave Ranyard classifies VR as a kind of “disruptive technology.”


Sony UK VP Fergal Gara Thinks Delaying Games is “The Right Call”

He makes a lot of sense…


Minecraft: PS Vita Edition Delivered to Sony for Final Testing

Now we hope it passes.


Sony Internet TV Service Coming to the US This Year

Sony wants to expand streaming services.


Sony 85 Percent Work Done to Make Project Morpheus Available to Public

Almost there!

PS4 Hardware sales asia

PS4 Becomes Fastest Selling Sony Console Ever in Asia

Way to go, PS4!


Sony Expecting Over $2 Billion in Losses This Year

That’s a whole lot of money.