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The Last Guardian Pre-Orders Are Exceeding Sony’s Expectations

The Collector’s Edition has seen a “really positive response.”


PSN Down Reports Coming in on PS4 & PS3, Sony Confirms Issues (Update)

You may receive a maintenance message when trying to access the Store.


Sony Suspends PSN User for Sharing a Watch Dogs 2 Image Featuring Nudity (Update)

Then extends the suspension.


Watch Sony Fully Take Apart a PS4 Pro, Piece by Piece

Make sure you don’t remove the tamper evident seals from your console.


PS4 Pro: Sony Gives a Feature Breakdown, Netflix & YouTube Now Support 4K

PS4 Pro includes firmware 3.70, so you’ll need to update to 4.05.


Sony: 25.6 Billion Trophies Earned Since 2008, Lifetime PSN Members Get an Exclusive Avatar

Blast Factor was the first game purchased.


Ark: Survival Evolved for PS4 Submitted to Sony, Aiming for December 2016 Release

Studio Wildcard talks PS4 Pro, Scorched Earth DLC, servers, and more.

Major Nelson

Larry Hryb Discusses Sony Securing Exclusive In-Game Content

Here what the Major has to say.


Sony on PS4 Pro: Next Week “We’ll Have the Most Powerful Console Out There”

Sony’s really happy with how PlayStation VR is selling.


Sony Talks No Man’s Sky, Says Hello Games Is Working to Get Closer to Their Original Vision

“I think what we learned from that is that we don’t want to stifle ambition.”


Nioh Being Published By Sony, PS4 Pro Modes Include 2160p/30fps & 1080p/60fps

You can prioritize frame-rate over resolution, or vice versa.


Sony Financials: PS4 Ships 3.9 Million Units, Bringing Lifetime Total to 47.4 Million

PlayStation VR sales are “on track.”


Sony Offers Up PSVR Image Drift Solution (Update)

Here’s how to fix that darn image drifting issue.


Sony Is Asking PSVR Game Developers to Take Advantage of the PS4 Pro

But there won’t be immediate benefits to PSVR with PS4 Pro.


The Last Guardian Has Finally Gone Gold, According to Sony Producer

But the tweet was deleted shortly after…


Sony Launches PlayStation Tournaments Feature on PS4, Starts With NBA 2K17

Other games will include Mortal Kombat X, Project CARS, and more.


Now Loading…Xbox One Beats PS4 in Sales for Third Straight Month – Should Sony Be Worried?

Is it because of PS4 Pro?


Sony’s Other OS Settlement Is Live, Claim Your Money

You might be owed $55.


Report: Sony to Release Numerous Mobile Games in Early 2018

They’ll be targeting Japan and other parts of Asia.

buy playstation vr

Sony Already Selling PlayStation VR for a Profit, “Tremendous Demand” Seen at GameStop

Many GameStop stores are sold out of PSVR.