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Sony Is Asking PSVR Game Developers to Take Advantage of the PS4 Pro

But there won’t be immediate benefits to PSVR with PS4 Pro.


The Last Guardian Has Finally Gone Gold, According to Sony Producer

But the tweet was deleted shortly after…


Sony Launches PlayStation Tournaments Feature on PS4, Starts With NBA 2K17

Other games will include Mortal Kombat X, Project CARS, and more.


Now Loading…Xbox One Beats PS4 in Sales for Third Straight Month – Should Sony Be Worried?

Is it because of PS4 Pro?


Sony’s Other OS Settlement Is Live, Claim Your Money

You might be owed $55.


Report: Sony to Release Numerous Mobile Games in Early 2018

They’ll be targeting Japan and other parts of Asia.

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Sony Already Selling PlayStation VR for a Profit, “Tremendous Demand” Seen at GameStop

Many GameStop stores are sold out of PSVR.


The PSN Is Down Right Now for Some Users, Sony Confirms (Update)

Gaming and social are having the issues.


Sony’s Paris Games Week Lineup: Lots of Playable PS4 Games, No Mention of a Press Conference

PGW starts in two weeks.


Sony: PlayStation VR Launch Sales Will Be in The “Many Hundreds of Thousands”

They’ll be increasing production at the end of 2016.


Sony: Leaving PSVR Plugged Into Your PS4 Won’t Impact Gameplay Performance

New PSVR trailer highlights launch games, post-launch games.

PS4 Pro Preorder

PS4 Pro Tech Analysis Presents a Detailed Overview of Sony’s Premium System

Mark Cerny reportedly set to reveal more info soon.

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Videos Show How to Set Up PlayStation VR, Sony Warns of Bright Lights

Also: mirrors can confuse the PS Camera’s tracking.


Wattam Releasing Late 2017, No Longer Sony Exclusive

Coming next year.


Sony: Star Wars Battlefront VR Mission Is an Iconic Experience “Worth Bragging About”

It’s free to all Star Wars Battlefront owners.


Rime Developer Denies Development Issues, Talks Sony Split

Development is actually going fine.


The PlayStation VR Aim Controller Will Work With More Than Just Farpoint, Sony Reveals

The games are TBA though.


Sony Says PlayStation VR Is Safe For Your Eyes, Recommends You Take Hourly Breaks

You won’t become nearsighted with prolonged use.


Sony “Looking Into” Offering PlayStation VR Games on PlayStation Plus

PSVR Processor Unit doesn’t support HDR signals.


It Appears Sony Is Already Sending Retail PlayStation VR Units to Media

Now we play the waiting game.