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Sony Internet TV Service Coming to the US This Year

Sony wants to expand streaming services.


Sony 85 Percent Work Done to Make Project Morpheus Available to Public

Almost there!

PS4 Hardware sales asia

PS4 Becomes Fastest Selling Sony Console Ever in Asia

Way to go, PS4!


Sony Expecting Over $2 Billion in Losses This Year

That’s a whole lot of money.

PS4 Titles

Sony Advertisement Implies Unannounced PS4 Game(s) Coming This Year

What could it be?


Sony on PlayStation Plus: “We’ve Been Investigating” Giving the Community More Control Over the IGC

“There is a lot that goes into finding the right mix of titles for each month’s Instant Game Collection.”


Sony: PS Vita Isn’t Fading Away, Minecraft is Its “Biggest” 2014 Release

Vita sales are seeing year-on-year growth.


Sony Attributes Some of the PS4 Success to Wii U Performance

The “more casual and family audience has gravitated towards our platform” in Europe.


Sony: Internally We’re Treating Destiny “As if It’s a First-Party Release”

Gara says PS4 is still outselling Xbox One by a margin of 1.5:1.


Sony Announces Lineup for TGS 2014

PS Vita games are included! Go check ‘em out!

vib ribbon

Sony Trademarks PS1 Game Vib-Ribbon in Europe, Could be Working on a Sequel

That NanaOn-Sha game!


Sony: “Over Two-Thirds of Beta Users are Likely to Recommend PlayStation Now”

“Betas are all about learning.”

Sony Classroom

Sony Pairs Up With Korean University to Teach About PlayStation and Game Making

The DualShock desks are the best.


Bungie Audio Team Working on Destiny Profile for Sony Gold Wireless Headset

“That wizard came from the moon!” in 7.1 surround sound!


PSN Down for Some, Sony Says It’s “Intermittently Available” (Update)

Blame the high volume.


Sony Xperia Z3 Product Line to be Able to Remote Play PS4 Games

Not coming to non-Xperia devices, Sony says.


Sony Creates Pink Vita “For Women”

Sony says a pink system is great for women.


Sony Santa Monica: “We’re Making a New Style of Game”

New video shows Sony Santa Monica’s move from Penn Station to The Reserve.

Hohokum featured image

Sony Giving PSN Credit to Users Affected by Hohokum Launch Day Install Issue

You must redeem it before 3/31/15…