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It Appears Sony Is Already Sending Retail PlayStation VR Units to Media

Now we play the waiting game.

PS4 Pro Production

Report: Sony Has Started PS4 Pro Production

Oh and the Nintendo NX seems to already be in production too.


Sony Releases a PlayStation Store Short Film, Titled ‘You Won’t Believe What’s in Store’

How many weapons can you spot?

ADR1FT Screenshot 01

Want PlayStation VR Support for ADR1FT? Dev Says to Demand it From Sony & 505 Games

They’d be “crazy not to do it.”


Sony Can’t Make Japan Care About PS4 Pro (And Everyone’s OK With This)

This is fine.


Sony Releases New PS4 Slim Trailer, Calls PS4 the “World’s Best-Selling Console”

Fall Best Place to Play trailer highlights some upcoming PS4 games.


Sony’s Andrew House Found Microsoft’s Response to the PS4 Pro “Quite Intriguing”

House doesn’t see “4K Gaming” as a misleading term, even though most titles will be upscaled.


Sony & Taco Bell Offering Up 3,300 PlayStation VR Prize Packs in the US Until October 19

Buy a Big Box, get a code, cross fingers.


Sony: There Will Be a “Significant Amount” Of PS4 Pro Stock at Launch & Through Christmas

A “significant amount” of the PS4 Pro user-base will come from the 50 million people buying a 4K TV this year.

Sony San Diego Layoffs Won't Impact MLB: The Show

Sony San Diego Hit With Significant Layoffs, MLB: The Show Team Not Affected

You’ll still be able to hit the batting cages come next year.


Sony Confirms Layoffs at London Studio as PlayStation VR Worlds Development Comes to a Close

London Studio is already planning for the next VR project.


Sony TGS 2016 Press Conference Livestream

Yep, it’s in English!


Sony Executive Explains the 8GB of RAM for PS4 Pro

Their plan is to stay fair…


Sucker Punch and Sony Bend Reveal Why They’re Excited About PS4 Pro HDR

It’s “pretty big,” they say.


Sony Says “There Will be More PlayStations”

But Sony isn’t thinking about releasing another PS4 “for a really substantial period of time.”


PS4 Pro: Sony Won’t Charge Extra for Forward Compatibility Patches or Enhanced Games

It doesn’t sound like third-party developers can charge for them at all.


Bethesda: Sony Won’t Approve Proper PS4 Mod Support for Fallout 4 or Skyrim

They won’t be available until Sony allows proper mod support for PS4.

PS4 Pro HDR gaming

Sony’s Mark Cerny Says They Were “Thinking About the New Console Pretty Much as Soon as PlayStation 4 Shipped”

Done with one thing, on to the next.

Horizon Zero Dawn 05 555x328

Guerrilla Says Sony Will Further Detail PS4 Pro Specs in Near Future, Talks Horizon: Zero Dawn

Mark Cerny isn’t done talking about them yet.

PS4 Pro 555x328

Sony Reveals Why PS4 Pro Doesn’t Play 4K Blu-Ray Discs, Says Support Can’t Be Added Later

Consumers are using streaming more than physical media for video.