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e3 twitch viewers

E3 Twitch Viewers Show Growth for Sony, Microsoft Breaks Tops Record

Twitch made bank off E3, y’all.

ps5 design

PS5 Concept Design is the Best (Fan-Made) Look Yet at Sony’s New Console

The future is now.

Fortnite Cross-platform Issues cause shares slide for Sony

Sony Shares Slide Following Community Backlash Over Fortnite Cross-Platform Issues

Ooops, not good.

playstation e3 2018

Sony’s E3 Conference a Response to “Shallow” Conferences of the Past

From the start of the PlayStation E3 2018 briefing, it was clearRead the full article…

Ghost of Tsushima Japanese trailer

Sony Releases Ghost of Tsushima Japanese Language Trailer

Yes, you can play Ghost of Tsushima with Japanese dub.

fortnite ps4 cross-play

Sony Issues Statement on Fortnite Controversy Amid Backlash

It doesn’t really address the concerns, however.

Next-Gen PlayStation

Report: PS5, Sony’s Next-Gen PlayStation, Will Supposedly Launch in 2020

Reports seem to suggest that Sony’s next-gen PlayStation is on the horizon.

E3 2018 Sony

E3 2018: Recapping Monday Press Conferences – Sony, Square Enix, & Ubisoft

That’s a wrap

Sony playstation e3 2018 press conference

Watch the Sony PlayStation E3 2018 Press Conference Live Right Here

It’s the one we’ve all been waiting for.

E3 2017 Sony

Recapping the E3 2017 Sony Conference

A look into the past

ghost giant

Sony Announces Ghost Giant, Coming to PS VR

From the creators of Fe.

Dreams story mode revealed

Sony Walks Us Through the Dreams Story Mode

Feels like a very cool, dream.

PlayStation VR Price Drop

Sony’s Days of Play Event Kicks Off: PlayStation VR for $199, Bundles at $249

I just love the words ‘discount’ and ‘cheap’ don’t you?

Paladins Cross-platform play not for ps4

Paladins Won’t Have Cross-Platform Play on PS4, Sony Criticized


Days of Play Sale

Sony’s Days of Play Sale Returns and Kicks off Tomorrow

Get ready to play for days with Sony’s Days of Play sale, starting tomorrow.

Sony E3 2018 trailer teases us

E3 2018: Sony Gives Us A Tasty E3 Show Teaser Trailer

We’re all suitably teased and ready for E3!

Sony’s Biggest E3 Flops

Sometimes, PlayStation only does 80710a06.

playstation e3 2018

Sony Teases New Game Announcements Leading up to E3 Showcase

New game almost every day.

Sony E3 2018

Now Loading: A Look At The Best Possible Sony Reveal This E3

Suikoden VI!

Cross play podcast

Cross-Play Podcast Episode #7: Sony v Microsoft Battle Royale

The lost episode is finally live!