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Sony Wants PS4 to Be the “Home of Fighting Games,” Says Capcom

Sony helped in making Street Fighter V cross-platform.


Sony Releases Free Batman: Arkham Knight PS4 Theme for EU PS+ Members

Sorry, only for EU for now.

Sony PlayStation SNES

Super Rare Sony PlayStation SNES Found, Video Uploaded Online



Sony Confirms PSN Down Reports, Affecting PS4 and PS3 (Update)

Numerous reports coming in from all over.


Sony: PS4 Leading in Every European Country, Market Share Ranges From 70% – 90%

They’re happy with the price, so don’t expect a drop anytime soon.


Sony Sending “Limited Edition Gift” to 5-Year PlayStation Plus Subscribers in Europe

To celebrate the 5th anniversary.


Sony Investigating Slow PSN Download Speeds in Europe

“This has been reported to our network team for investigation.”


Sony Happy With PS Vita Sales in the US, Sold More Last Year Than Internally Targeted

PS4 Remote Play caused “a huge spike in sales.”


Yu Suzuki Addresses Shenmue 3 Funding: ‘Sony & Shibuya Aren’t Seeing a Cent of Your Kickstarter Dollars’

Ys Net is able to use more of the Kickstarter money purely for Shenmue 3’s development thanks to Sony and Shibuya.


Microsoft is Primed to Trump Sony Come Holiday Season Despite E3 2015 Success 

Pulling no Punches.

Morpheus Header

Sony Still “Hasn’t Decided” on Project Morpheus Release Date

Yoshida also explains why they didn’t focus on the Morpheus at its press conference.


Sony & Square Enix Will Reveal Final Fantasy VII Remake PS4 Timed-Exclusivity Details Before Launch

Adam Boyes doesn’t know if Rise of the Tomb Raider is coming to PlayStation.


Sony Confirms 1TB PS4 Model, Launches Next Month in Europe (Update)

Announced only for Europe so far.

COD Black Ops 3 Header

Microsoft Responds to Sony Call of Duty DLC Deal, Says It Has a “Great Relationship” With Activision

They’ll continue to drive sales.

Gravity Rush Feature

Sony “Waiting for the Right Time” to Unveil Gravity Rush Sequel

Yoshida’s been playing the game.


Sony Says PlayStation TV is a “Hard Concept to Explain”

But it does have some unique features.


Versus – Sony vs Microsoft vs Nintendo E3 2015

Announcements, reveals and more matched-up!


Sony: Remasters Serve the 40 Percent of PS4 Owners Who Never Owned a PS3

Around 8.08 million PS4 owners never had a PS3.


Jim Ryan: Sony Becoming the First Thing a Publisher Thinks About When Considering Partnerships

“If you have 75 to 80 percent of the market, it makes the system easier to sell.”


Sony on PS Vita: It’s Still Selling “Respectable Quantities,” a Hundred Games Are in Development

Ryan wouldn’t talk about whether the Vita is Sony’s last handheld.