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Sony TGS 2015 Lineup Revealed

PS4 and Vita games.


Sony Disables Until Dawn Twitch Archiving When Using PS4 Share (Update)

No reason given.


Official Sony Store Selling PlayStation TV for Just $20, Bundle at $40

Super low price…but is it worth it?


Cliff Bleszinski: If You Want Boss Key’s LawBreakers on PS4, Let Sony Know

Gameplay reveal happening tomorrow.


Sony Offers Possible Until Dawn Pre-Order Issue Workaround

The pre-order bonus chapter is automatically added to your game upon redemption.


Sony Publishing Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 for PlayStation in Japan, Microsoft to Publish Xbox Versions

Taking over from Square Enix.


Xbox Boss Says He Doesn’t “Goal the Team on How Many Units Sony Sells”

He applauds Sony for the work they’re doing with virtual reality.


Until Dawn Developer and Their Supermassive History With Sony

Find out more about the Until Dawn developer!

Sony Projector MPCL1

Sony’s New Pocket-Sized Projector is Meant to Work With a PS4

Costs around $350.


Sony Might Hold Another gamescom Press Conference in the Future If The “Stars Re-Align,” Says Ryan

Get a brief look at how multiplayer works on Project Morpheus.


Sony: “Very Likely” We’ll See More PS4 Remasters of PS3 Games

He thinks it has to be a great game if you’re going to go to the trouble.


Sony Explains Decision to Increase PlayStation Plus Three Month Subscription Price in Europe

Set to take effect next month.

ps4 vs xbox one

Phil Spencer Discusses Sony’s Third-Party Deals, Says They Have “Nothing to Do With Market Share”

Spencer is a fan of Uncharted.


Sony on gamescom 2015: No Streams Planned, “Some Good Stuff” From Third Party Partners

Bigger presence is coming at Paris Games Week in October.


PlayStation Plus Vote to Play Feature on PS4 Confirmed by Sony

Runners-up will be available for a discounted PS+ price at launch.


Report: Sony Will Allow You to Vote for One of the September 2015 PlayStation Plus Free Games on PS4

PS4 What’s New section seems to have leaked the new feature.


Sony Aware of PSN Issues Today, Is Investigating

Doesn’t appear to be too widespread.

ps4 China Xbox One

China to Lift Nationwide Console Ban, Sony Welcomes Decision

New rules apply to both foreign and domestic companies.


PS4 Media Remote From PDP Is Officially Licensed by Sony and Costs $29.99, Launches This October

Lasts for a minimum of six months on two AAA batteries.