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EA on PS4 Neo & Project Scorpio: “We’re Thrilled With What Sony’s Doing, What Microsoft’s Doing”

Ubisoft and Take-Two also give their thoughts on the consoles.

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Sony Turned Down a Console Partnership With Microsoft Before the First Xbox Released

Xbox co-creator says Bill Gates met with Sony.


Sony Santa Monica Offers up a God of War Gameplay Walkthrough

Kratos is now “a lot older.”

Sony vs Microsoft E3 2016 Header

Versus – Sony vs Microsoft E3 2016

It’s games vs. hardware!


Sony Closing in On Settlement for PS3 Linux Debacle

Up to 10 million people may be eligible for repayment.

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Sony’s Alternate DualShock 4 Design Refiled, Features Rear Buttons & Modular Design

Is this the DualShock 4 Elite?

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House: Sony’s Strict New Information Management System Has Begun ‘With Almost No Leaks’

They didn’t even show the Death Stranding trailer at rehearsal.


Hideo Kojima Talks Death Stranding Theories, Says Sony Partnership Gave Him “A Lot of Freedom”

He didn’t have to make a presentation for Sony.


God of War Won’t Include Multiplayer, Sony Santa Monica Talks the New Setting

Kratos breaks open chests now.

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Marvel: The Future of Spider-Man Console Games “Is With Sony and Insomniac”

It’s a very close collaboration between everyone involved.


Sony CEO Kaz Hirai Annual Pay More Than Doubled After Sony Posts Return to Profit

Due to Sony’s return to profit!


E3 2016 – Sony: “People’s Gaming Memories Were Way More Important” Than We First Thought

Final Fantasy VII and Crash Bandicoot prove it.

Sony E3 press conference

10 Disappointments From Sony’s E3 2016 Press Conference

Why it was good, not great.

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E3 2016 – Sony on a Potential PS4 Slim: “We’re Happy With the Shape of the PS4 and What It Does”

“We’re now getting to the stage where you can look at PS4 software and go ‘wow.’”


E3 2016 – Sony Has Made A “Significant Investment” in Death Stranding

He had a vision for Death Stranding back in December.


E3 2016 – Sony Says All Games Are Running on a Standard PS4, God of War Was Played Live

The upgrades in God of War extend to his son.


E3 2016 – Phil Spencer Unconcerned About Sony’s First-Party Output

“To say that the other consoles are doing a better job shipping more games for their customer…I don’t see that.”


Sony Hopes PS4 Neo Can Keep Gamers From Going Back to High-End PCs

Andrew House was surprised by Microsoft’s Project Scorpio announcement timing.


Sony: Standard PS4 Will Be Able to Play “All of the Games” Releasing This Generation

“The critical thing is to give the consumer options, rather than dictate the future for them.”


PlayStation VR Supply Constraints Expected by Sony

Games will typically cost $20 – $40.