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Sony to Host Storytelling Panel at PlayStation Experience 2015, Exclusive Gear Detailed

Featuring Jenova Chen, Greg Kasavin and more.

PlayStation VR

Sony Advising PlayStation VR Devs to Make “Seated” Games for Safety

It’s to maximize player safety…


Sony Confirms Black Friday 2015 PS4 Bundle $299 Price in the US, Runs All Weekend

Canada also sees a nice discount on the PS4 bundle.

PlayStation VR

Stable 60fps Deemed a “Minimum” for PlayStation VR, Sony Pushing For 90fps as Standard

Device capable of up to 120fps.


“What PS2 Games Would You Like to See on Your PS4?” Asks Sony XDev Europe

Video compares the Star Wars classics on PS4 vs PS2.


Bloodborne Update 1.07 Today Is 9GB, Sony Details Exactly How to Access The Old Hunters

Learn all about the new patch.


PSN Hack Leaves User $500 in the Red, Sony Promises Full Refund

Surely two-step authentication is on the way?


Sony Responds to Claims PS4 Chat Used to Coordinate Terrorist Attacks

Issue first raised by Belgium’s Deputy Prime Minister.


Microsoft’s Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Trailer Mimics Sony’s PS4 Used Games Trailer

Step 1: Watch the video.


Sony: We Are Partnered With EA on Star Wars Battlefront With “Every Element of the Campaign”

The Force is strong in this one.


Sony Celebrates the Wonderful Life of a PS4 Player in New Ad

You don’t wake up dancing?


N++ Developer Hopes to Include It as a PlayStation Plus Free Game, Sony Hasn’t Approached Them Yet

Metanet plans on fixing N++ bugs and Platinum Trophy unlock issues.


Sony: “It’s a Bit Too Early to Sort out” PlayStation VR’s Price and Release Date

Sony hasn’t changed their release window of the first half of 2016.


Sony Doesn’t Want to Spoil The Last Guardian’s Story by Showing It Too Much

“I think we will try to limit what we show about the game.”

theVOTE sony paris games week 2015 pgw 2015

The VOTE: PGW 2015 – Did Sony Paris Games Week Impress You?

Lots of VR news, but still no release date or price.


Sony’s Jim Ryan: We Are Still Working on First-Party PS Vita Content

Apparently Ito’s comments were misinterpreted.


Sony: PS4 Sales “Well Over” 25 Million

Michael Denny also talks about the lack of Vita at PGW and why there aren’t weird games on PS4.

CUH 1200 PS4

Pachter on This Holiday Season’s Console War: “Sony Probably Wins”

‚ÄúNintendo has no chance to be successful in consoles this holiday.”


Paris Games Week Sony Press Conference Live Stream

Prepare for surprises?!


Now Loading…Paris Games Week Sony Press Conference Expectations & Predictions

Yes, PSX is happening just a month after!