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DualShock 4 555x328

Report: Sony Has Addressed DualShock 4 Trigger Issue

No more squeaky triggers in the newer models.


Gran Turismo Sport & The Last Guardian Are Still Releasing in 2016, According to Sony VP

He also responds to rumors of a new PS4 model.


Sony Expects PS4 Sales To Increase This Fiscal Year and Exceed 17.7 Million

PlayStation VR pre-orders in the US appear to be doing well.


Sony: PS4 Reaches 40 Million Units Shipped, 17.7 Million Were Moved Last Fiscal Year

Numbers were up thanks to PS4 sales.

Uncharted 4 A Thief's End 07

Sony: Uncharted 4 Copies Stolen While in Transit, Release Date Is Still May 10

They urge you not to buy early copies of the game.


Sony: PSN Two-Step Verification Feature Is Coming

More details to come.

Header Versus - PS4 vs. PS4K

Developers Unhappy With Sony’s Plans for PS4.5, According to Report

Additional cost, more planning cited as reasons for purported backlash.


Report: Sony Bend’s PS4 Game Titled Dead Don’t Ride

Start your engines?


Sony Shuts Down PlayStation MVP Program

And it will no longer exist starting tomorrow.


Sony Santa Monica Creatives Video Series Draws to an End, Shannon Studstill Talks Teamwork

“Teamwork is everything.”


Evolution Studios Co-Founder on Sony: “We’ve Still Got a Great Relationship”

“It’s been a very amicable parting of ways.”

MLB The Show 16 13

Sony San Diego Apologizes for MLB The Show 16 Server Issues, Offers Free Items

Patch 1.02 rolled out as well.

MLB The Show 16 11

Sony San Diego Is Looking at PlayStation VR Tech, Continues to Evaluate the PS Vita “On an Annual Basis”

“We are primarily relying on remote play as one of the ways to support that platform.”


Sony Computer Entertainment Has Now Officially Become Sony Interactive Entertainment

Shawn Layden explains what this means.

MLB The Show 16 11

MLB The Show 16 Improvements Listed, Sony Rolls Out Bloopers Video

How to report bugs and help Sony San Diego, too.

Best God of War game

Sony Santa Monica Video Series Continues By Connecting the Craft

Introducing SSM’s “Technical Mediator.”


Shahid Ahmad Signed “A Raft of Titles for PlayStation VR” Before Leaving Sony

Many of them haven’t been announced yet.


Sony Suggests PlayStation VR Could Come to PC in the Future

But “nothing will happen right away.”


Sony: Star Wars Battlefront VR Will “Show Gamers What It Means to Be in the World of VR”

VR exclusives are different than console exclusives.


Sony: PlayStation VR Hardware Development is Done

Ready for a new reality?