Sony Offered to Help Respawn Bring an Early Titanfall Version to PS Vita

That early Titanfall version used Insomniac’s Luna engine.


Ubisoft: Watch Dogs Expected to be “One of the Best-Selling Titles Throughout 2014″

Pre-orders are “hugely promising for a new IP.”


Ancel: ‘Beyond Good & Evil is a Good Candidate for Making a Real, Serious Game Now’

Concept art is from the original Beyond Good & Evil.


PSN Name Change Considered by Sony: “We Get Why It’s Important”

Sony looks forward to “evolving” dynamic themes on PS4.


Bungie: Destiny is “Pretty Close to Shipping”

Still lots of polishing left, though.


The Last of Us PS3 to PS4 Upgrade is Being Looked Into, Says Naughty Dog

The Grounded difficulty will be in the PS4 version of The Last of Us.


PS4 Firmware Update 1.70 to add SHAREfactory, Game Pre-Loading

Video shows off SHAREfactory’s editing capabilities.


The Walking Dead Season 2 Debuts on PS Vita Next Week

For Clementine.


The Catch-Up: April 16th, 2014 – Sony Unveils 4K Bravia TVs With PlayStation Now

Sly Cooper Collection gets a PS Vita gameplay video; inFamous: Second Son soundtrack is free on the PlayStation Store.

Collection BG

Bad Gamers: Ep 66 – The Return of Rock Band and Game Hoarding Vs. Collecting

Digital hoarding at its best.


Ask PSLS: Who is Your Favorite Companion in Video Games?

Enslaved gets a mention!


Sucker Punch GDC Presentation Talks About Development of inFamous: Second Son and Developing for the PS4

Sucker Punch, Bentley, lots of computer words, but no Sly Cooper