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WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011 Roster Unleashed

THQ has announced the WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011 roster list featuringRead the full article…

Tech Expert Claims PS Move is More Precise Than Kinect

Sony’s motion controller, PlayStation Move, is touted as the most precise motion controller on the market with true 1:1 motion tracking, while Microsoft’s motion technology, Kinect – which was previously known as Natal – takes a different approach with their technology by having no controller whatsoever. Now, a tech expert claims that the PlayStation Move is indeed more precise than Kinect.

In-depth PlayStation Move Video Airs

Revealed at E3 last year and based on hand-held motion controller wand, PlayStation MoveRead the full article…

PlayStation Move Slogan Possibly Outed

Sony will heavily be pushing its motion control, PlayStation Move, to make an impact on the market, especially if it’s to challenge Microsoft’s Natal. And what better way than to have a catchy, short, sweet slogan to go with it?

Nintendo Views Move as a “Threat”

Since its 2006 release the Nintendo Wii has enjoyed much commercial success, outpacing itsRead the full article…

PlayStation Move Reacts Within the Blink of an Eye

While motion controls have been noted as gimmicks by many gamers, SonyRead the full article…

Kung-Fu LIVE Developer Calls Out Microsoft

In the most recent entry on the Official PlayStation Blog, Teemu Maki-Patola,Read the full article…

PlayStation Move Wants in on the Summer Fun

From the PS3 Slim and its portable sibling to the more recentRead the full article…

E3 2010: Confirmed List of Games and Exhibitors

PlayStation LifeStyle has compiled the most complete and up-to-date list on the internet, of all the announced games and attendees coming to this years E3 convention.

Capcom President Sounds-Off On Motion Controls

As most of us have probably expected, the idea of motion controlsRead the full article…

Luke! Use the PlayStation Move Controller!

Every Star Wars fan’s dream of a quality lightsaber game just might be coming true sooner than you can imagine..

Yoshida: ‘Move’ Over Competition

PlayStation Move hopes to capture an audience that the PlayStation 3 hasRead the full article…

Tiger Woods and Madden Meet PlayStation Move Tomorrow Night

PlayStation Move has been one of the big products to look forwardRead the full article…

Plethora of Fitness Titles Lined Up For PlayStation Move

Those of you out there who may be fans of the latestRead the full article…

Sony Punches Competitors ‘Lights Out’ with New Trademark

Sony is gearing up for a ‘fight’ on the motion controller frontRead the full article…

Spider-Man Won’t Move This September

Since Sony officially ‘re-introduced’ The PlayStation Move to the Gaming world early in March, developers left and right have been announcing support for Sony’s motion controller. Activision’s newest Spider-Man game, Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions would be a perfect for the device, right? Wrong. Find out why inside.

PlayStation Move to Bring New Hardcore Gaming Experiences

This generation of consoles has witnessed a sudden surge in casual games.Read the full article…

FIFA Could Utilize PlayStation Move

PlayStation Move already boasts a great line-up of new games for itsRead the full article…

Top 5 Franchises Suited for PlayStation Move

PlayStation Move is certainly on the minds of countless developers and PlayStationRead the full article…

PlayStation Move Shows Off UI Features [UPDATE]

Dr. Richard Marks struts Move’s stuff, think Minority Report.