YouTube Gaming Kinda Sucks

I was more annoyed than entertained, really.

SteinsGate Feature Image

Steins;Gate Review – Time Travel Paranoia (Vita)

El Psy Kongroo.


Senran Kagura Series Bounces to 1 Million Sold WW

Even before two upcoming western releases.


New RPG Summon Night 6 First Screenshots, World Info

Choose your protagonist and eat food from the sky.

square enix

Square Enix Begins Revealing TGS 2015 Lineup

Big names being confirmed, other big names they’ll make ya wait for.

Madden NFL 16 Screenshot

Madden NFL 16 First Patch Details Released

Should be coming out fairly soon.


Bethesda Explains Why Dishonored Was Given a Remaster, and Skyrim Wasn’t

“I think it’s largely because it was the last thing we did on previous-gen.”


4 Arslan: The Warriors of Legend Videos Show Characters & Combat

Arslan inevitably makes me think of “arse lawn” and brings up weird imagery. Sorry.

YouTube Gaming Screen

YouTube Gaming, Google’s Live Streaming Service, Launched Today

Check it out!


The VOTE: Best Metal Gear Solid Game?

Last week’s results may surprise you.


September 2015 PS4, PS3 & PS Vita New Releases in North America and Europe

Prepare yourself.


Dishonored Gameplay Comparison Pits PS4 vs Xbox 360

Arkane previously said the PS4 version is up to the level GOTY players get on a high-end PC.

Destiny The Taken King

Several Destiny: The Taken King Exotics Have Been Revealed

Check out the pictures of them!


Back to Bed Review – The Stairs Are Not What They Seem (PS4)

Was that a whale train?!

star wars ps4 bundle

Star Wars Battlefont Won’t Have Special Edition Xbox Bundle According to EA

Other questions about ranking up, Collector’s Editions and more answered.


Mad Max PlayStation Exclusive Content Revealed, Game’s Download Size Is Over 30GB

Launch is less than a week away!


Street Fighter V Worldwide Beta Start Date Announced

Play it for five days!


FIFA 16 Demo Releasing on PS4 and PS3 in Early September, Complete With FUT Draft & More

Includes some Women’s National Teams.

Zombi Review – Empty Apocalypse (PS4)

It’s like Dead Island Lite!


Dying Light Demo Out Today on PS4, Includes Co-Op and Three Hours of Gameplay

Techland responds to questions about The Following release date.