Dreams Hands-On Preview – Mega Creation Station (PS4)

Dream on.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Preview – Take a Deep Breath

Lara’s almost ready for one more go – are you?

Detroit become human preview 1

Detroit: Become Human Hands-On With the First Three Hours – Inherently Human

Moral grey areas and programming paradoxes.

the path of motus preview

The Path of Motus Preview – Choosing Nonviolence (PS4)

Few games explore player agency in such an interesting way.

omensight release date

Omensight Preview – A Groundhog’s Day Murder Mystery (PS4)

It’s like if Bill Murray solved murders and could kick ass.

eternity the last unicorn info logo

Eternity: The Last Unicorn Hits the PS4 as a Classical Style RPG

Unicorns, elves, and a large white lion. A normal day in the life in Eternity.

Take A Gander at the Next Forms of Megadimension Neptunia VIIR Characters!

Cute girls wearing armor that could practically destroy an entire planet.

My Hero Academia: One’s Justice for the PS4 Smashes Details on Stain and Shota Aizawa

Bloodcurdling knife and eyedrops not included!

Dying Light Bad Blood preview

GDC 2018 – Hands on With Dying Light: Bad Blood

Does this standalone expansion work well or is it all in vein?

headsnatchers preview

GDC 18 Hands On – Headsnatchers (PS4) Don’t Lose Your Head

Did I lose my head?

grip preview

GDC 18 Hands On – Grip (PS4) Combat Racing Reborn

We were hands-on with Grip. You might say we’ve come to grips with this combat racer.

GDC 18 Hands On – Downward Spiral: Horus Station (PSVR) Preview

I sat down with the developer from 3rd Eye Studios and played Downward Spiral: Horus Station (PSVR) and talked about his learning process with VR.

God of War PS4 Preview

God of War Preview – Better Than Ever (PS4)

Change isn’t a bad thing.

A Bizarre World of Your Own Creation – Far Cry 5 Arcade Impressions

Includes Far Cry 5’s competitive multiplayer component.

Far Cry 5 gameplay

Rocket Launchers, Bows, ATVs, and Co-Op – Watch Nearly 20 Minutes of New Far Cry 5 Gameplay

Going ham with a rocket launcher.

Far cry 5 drug trip

Like Every Other Far Cry, Far Cry 5 Will Feature Psychedelic Drug Trip Missions

The drug trips in Far Cry 5 seem to be indoctrination.

Far cry 5 customization

Take a Look at Some Character Clothing Options in the Far Cry 5 Customization Menu

Dress for success in taking down a doomsday cult!

Far cry 5 bear cheeseburger

You Can Rescue and Recruit a Bear Named Cheeseburger in Far Cry 5

He used to love cheeseburgers, but then he got the diabetes.

Far Cry 5 preview

Guns, Religion, and Fanaticism: A Day in Hope County – Hands-On With Far Cry 5

The sins of The Father shall be visited on his people.

Masters of Anima Hands-On Preview – Save the Girl, and Maybe the World (PS4)

Meet Otto and his minions.