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final fantasy xiv under the moonlight patch notes

Square Enix Releases Final Fantasy 14: Under the Moonlight Patch Notes

FF14 players can finally taste the new patch!

Anima Gate of Memories sequel

Anima: Gate of Memories, The Nameless Chronicles Announced for This Summer

Is there a bet amongst RPG devs for who can make the craziest/longest title?

PlayStation in Concert

Music From PlayStation Games Will Echo at the Royal Albert Hall

Whistling the theme from The Last of Us already.

the golf club 2019 pga tour

The Golf Club 2019 Will Feature a PGA Tour Career Mode

Battle rivals as you make your way through the tour!

Wizard of Legend review

Wizard of Legend Review – Master Your Arcana (PS4)

Prepare your best hand.

Bethesda E3 2018

Bethesda’s E3 2018 Presser Too Long or Too Short?

Lengthiness does matter, apparently.

battlefield 5 teaser

Battlefield V Gameplay Teaser Might Confirm World War II Setting

Who is picking you up?!

fortnite esports

Epic Games Will Provide $100,000,000 to Fortnite Esports Prize Pools

No word on structure or platforms just yet.

Rage 2 engine gets Mad Max tech

Rage 2 Using Just Cause Engine, Not id Tech

Not Doom tech, but Mad Max tech.

dragon ball fighterz vegito

Vegito and Zamasu Headed to Dragon Ball FighterZ Next Week

Get ready to fight!

disco dodgeball remix review

Disco Dodgeball Remix Review – Worth a Dip (PS4)

Always remember the five key elements of dodgeball: dodge, dip, dive, duck, and dodge.

cat quest 2 the lupus empire reveal

Gentlebros Meownounces Cat Quest 2: The Lupus Empire

Such rabid fans awaiting a sequel to a purrfectly cute ARPG!

PS4 hardware sales

Rumor: PS4 Dominating NPD Hardware Sales, Outselling All Else

Shhh… someone’s whispering: PS4 rules!

new persona 4

Persona Magazine Possibly Teases New Persona 4 Games

Is it a new game?

sonic racing game details

Sega Teases Possible Sonic Racing Game, Details Coming Soon

Please not a Sonic Forces racing game though.

God of War UK Chart

God of War Closes in on UK Chart Record After Five Weeks at Number One

Kratos vs. Joel: round six.

Fortnite Jetpacks

Jetpacks Are Coming to Fortnite According to Leaked Files

Fortnite + Jetpacks = $$$

star ocean 6 development

Star Ocean 6 Might Not Happen Soon as Producer Asks Fans to Wait a Little Longer

I miss how Tri-Ace just gives out great JRPGs.