PSP / PlayStation Portable

Sony Poll Lets You Vote on the Best PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP & PS Vita Games of All Time

The list of nominees is very limited.

Ranking the Best and Worst Tony Hawk Games

Are you a THPS or THUG kind of person?

Hohokum Studio Honeyslug’s Founders Parting Ways, Studio to Remain Open

They’re all pursuing solo careers.

TGS 2015: 40% of Games Exhibited Were Mobile, Action is the Most Popular Genre

244/1283 titles for all current-gen consoles & handhelds combined.

Game Spinoffs: Milking? Or Delivering What the Fans Want?

Best Video Game Podcast Episode 8: Spinoff City.

PSP/PS Vita Game Summon Night 5 Gets English Trailer

Pre-orders for Physical+Digital Edition still live.

Metal Gear Solid Story Recap and Timeline – The Complete History

Kept you waiting, huh?

August 2015 PSN Flash Sale Is Live, Here’s All the Deals

Prepare your wallets!

Ranking the Best and Worst of the Call of Duty Series

Where is your favorite on the list?

August 2015 PSN Flash Sale Titles Revealed by PlayStation Store

Start planning your spending.

Versus – PSP vs Vita

Which portable do you prefer?

PlayStation Store Sale Highlights – August 11-18 2015

Three hidden gems amid a relatively quiet week.

Examining the Localization of Persona

How Atlus’ localization of the popular Persona games have helped the JRPG make a resurgence in the West.

July 2015 PSN Flash Sale is Live in North America, Here’s All the Deals

Lasts through the weekend.

PSN Flash Sale Starts This Weekend in North America, Full List of Titles Revealed

Includes deals on PS4, PS3, PS Vita, and PSP games.

Examining God of War’s Mythological Accuracy

Heracles, not Hercules!

June 2015 PSN Flash Sale Live, Full List of Titles Revealed

PS4, PS3, PS Vita, and PSP games are included.

Yakuza 0 Sells Over 500,000 Copies, Total Sales for the Series Reach 7.5 Million Units

Initially released on March 12.

May 2015 PlayStation Store Charts in North America & Europe Sees The Witcher 3 Dominating

Mass Effect Trilogy and Freedom Wars were #1 in North America.

Mega Man 8 Coming to PSN in North America

Get it on May 27.