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Call of duty black Ops 4 blackout ps4 beta battle royale

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout Impressions: A AAA Battle Royale Experience

Will it be the last one standing?

Valkyria Chronicles 4 info

Valkyria Chronicles 4 – Everything You Need to Know

War is a universal language.

Spider-Man PS4 MJ

Spider-Man PS4: Why MJ Is An Awful Character

She was great for about five minutes.

hbo video game TV

The Ten Games HBO Must Adapt

Why limit video games to movie adaptations when TV shows could work so much better?

PlayStation Store Sales

The PlayStation Store Sales This Week: Pub Party Sale and Warner Bros. Sale

Get your hands on some great video game deals.

PS4 New Releases

PlayStation New Releases This Week: September 18, 2018 – Fishing for Virtual Reality

What are you picking up this week?

spider-man PS4 music

Composing Peter Parker – The Music of Marvel’s Spider-Man with Composer John Paesano

Learn how he connected players with the human side of Spidey.

Marvels spider-man PS4 suits all suits how to unlock ranked 1

All 28 Marvel’s Spider Man PS4 Suits Ranked From Worst to Best

Some great additions from across Spidey’s history.

shadow of the tomb raider ps4 review

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Review – Tales From the Crypts (PS4)

Can it ever be tomb much?

The Importance of Dark Souls Memes

Dark Souls memes are IMPORTANT!

Apex construct operation warcade video game giveaway

The Big PSLS Apex Construct and Operation Warcade Giveaway – We’ve Got 5 Copies of Each!

Add to your PSVR game collection.

Marvel's Spider-Man Characters

The Side Characters Steal the Show in Marvel’s Spider-Man

Marvel’s Spider-Man has learned a thing or two from other Spidey stories. That discovery pays off dividends.


Marvel’s Spider-Man – Everything You Need to Know

The Wall-Crawler makes a triumphant return.

Dragon Quest Monsters featured

Dragon Quest Monsters: How the World of Dragon Quest XI is More Alive than Ever

From slimes to actual dragons, there’s a lot of history, craft, and ambition to these creepy-crawlies.

PlayStation Store Sales

PlayStation Store Sales in North America: Week of September 4, 2018, Bandai Namco and Assassin’s Creed Sales

Tons of video game deals to empty that wallet.

Strange Brigade Co-op

How Strange Brigade Stands Out from the Co-Op Crowd

We talked to the devs to find out what sets this 1930s adventure apart.

Marvels Spider-man ps4 review 1

Marvel’s Spider-Man Review – Does Whatever A Spider Can (PS4)

Use the web to swing into our review and see if you’ll be bitten by this spider.

Dragon Quest 11 info

Dragon Quest XI – Everything You Need to Know

Echoes of an Elusive Age.