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Game of the Year Award: 2013 Edition

There can only be one.


Biggest Failure of 2013 ‘Award’

Don Mattrick’s attempt at ‘Blue Steel’


Person of the Year: The 2013 Award

What, no Kaz?


Best PS3 Exclusive of 2013 Award

Do we even need a drumroll?

2013-Most Anticipated 2014

Most Anticipated Game of 2014 Award

The PS5.

2013-Best-PSN Game

Best PSN Game of 2013 Award



Best PS4 Exclusive of 2013 Award

Because there were so many stellar hits to choose from…

2013-Best-PS Vita Exclusive

Best PS Vita Exclusive of 2013 Award


2013-Best Sports Game

Best Sports Game of 2013 Award

Back of the net. Aha!

2013-Best Story

Best Narrative Experience of 2013 Award

Beyond The Last Grand BioShock.

2013-Best Racing Game

Best Racing Game of 2013 Award

Gran Theft Auto.

2013-Best-Fighting Game

Best Fighting Game of 2013 Award

Justice is served.

2013-Best RPG

Best RPG of 2013 Award

Mila Kuni.

2013-Best ACtion Game

Best Action/Action-Adventure Game of 2013 Award

Lights, camera, action-adventure.

2013-Best Character

Best Character of 2013 Award

If only Uncharted had released, this award would have been easy.

2013-Best New IP

Best New IP of 2013 Award

Because post-apocalyptic is so original.

2013-Best Shooter

Best Shooter of 2013 Award

An irrational decision.


Editor’s Letter: Awarding The PSLS Awards

Get your predictions on.