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20th Anniversary PS4 Competition “Had Not Been Administered Fairly,” Concludes ASA

“The promotion had caused unnecessary disappointment.”

Sony Accidentally Erases List of 20th Anniversary PS4 Contest Winners


Sony Buys a $128,000 20th Anniversary PS4 for a Great Cause

Will pay around $256,000 to Save the Children Japan

Sony Details How to Get a 20th Anniversary PS4 in the UK Next Week, Only 500 Will be Available

It’s convoluted and complicated.

Sony Doesn’t Want to See the £19.94 20th Anniversary PS4s Being Sold on eBay

“That’s not what we want to see happen.”

PS4 20th Anniversary Console Sells Out at £19.94, More Going on Sale Next Week in the UK for £399

Sony says there’s “no plans” to make more than the 12,300 special PS4s.