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Nintendo Says Worldwide 3DS Sales Are Bigger Than PS4 & Xbox One Combined

“Most people find this shocking.”

Cloud in Smash, 3DS JRPG Localizations, and Female Link(le) – Best Video Game Podcast #11

It’s Nintendo INdirect.

NIS America President Thinks PS Vita, 3DS Will Fade out in the West Within 2-3 Years

But small publishers can still benefit thanks to big publishers focusing on consoles.

Dragon Quest XI on PS4 and 3DS [Update: And Maybe NX?]

I’m not kidding.

Daily Reaction: Has Nintendo Stepped Down From the Big Three?

Table for two?

11 3DS Exclusives That Make My Vita Jealous

But I mean LOOK at that grass! Look how green it is! Is it greener than this stuff we’ve got here? I think it is! I’m going in for a closer look….