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resident evil 2 claire

Get Your First Look at Claire Redfield’s Resident Evil 2 Campaign

Yep, still spooky.

devil may cry 5 release date

Devil May Cry 5 Release Date Revealed in Smokin’ Sick New Trailer

Hopefully the motorcycle can also shoot bats.

resident evil 2 collectors edition

Resident Evil 2’s European Collector’s Edition Includes a Box of R.P.D. Keys

£229.99 for those in the UK.

japanese stocks down

Japanese Game Company Stocks Dip Amid Chinese Gaming Market Freeze

When things stop moving, the numbers take a big hit.

monster hunter world sales

Monster Hunter: World Sells Over 10 Million

That’s a lot of monster hunting.

Resident Evil 2 Collectors Edition

Resident Evil 2’s Japanese Collector’s Edition Features the Infamous Typewriter

Don’t forget the ribbon.

capcom sales interview

Capcom Says It Is More Concerned With a Game’s Quality Than Sales Numbers

It makes sense, doesn’t it?

New Street Fighter 5 Characters

Street Fighter V’s Final Season 3 DLC Characters Appear

Tiger uppercuts are finally back.

devil may cry fans

Capcom: Devil May Cry 5 Exists Because It’s What Fans Want

It was also a good business decision.

RE2 Remake Changes

Why Capcom Ditched Tank Controls For Resident Evil 2 ‘Remake’

Sometimes fans don’t know what they want.


Capcom to Explore the Idea of More Remakes and Re-Releases

Capcom will put the “re” in remake.

monster hunter world sale

Monster Hunter: World is 38% Off on Amazon

Monster hunting on a budget.

monster hunter world sales

Monster Hunter: World Tops 8 Million Sales

Money squawks.

devil may cry 5 nico

Devil May Cry 5 Director Hideaki Itsuno Hopes Players Will Like Nico

He’s hinted that she’ll have her own individual story.

us army street fighter

US Army Street Fighter V Tournament to Air on Twitch

Guile would be so proud.

ninja theory dmc

Capcom is “Proud” of Ninja Theory’s Work on DmC

Hideaki Itsuno and the team learned a lot from Ninja Theory’s work on the series.

resident evil 2 remake alligator

Making the Alligator Fight Work in Resident Evil 2 Remake Isn’t Easy

It is pretty ridiculous.

mega man x legacy collection latency

Mega Man X Legacy Collection has Latency Issues

More like, more like Lag Man X!

Mega Man X Legacy Collection Review

Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 + 2 Review – Maverick Endeavor (PS4)

Can Mega Man X deliver a successful charge-blast from the past?

Resident Evil 2 Won’t Be Coming to PSVR, Capcom Confirms

Probably for the best, really.