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Assassins Creed Unity

Assassin’s Creed: Unity Experience Trailer #1 Showcases the New Engine and Gameplay

New engine and new gameplay? Ubisoft shows you both.

far cry 3 jason brody

Far Cry 4 Writer Explains Changes in New Game, Far Cry 3′s “Dude Bro” Was Misunderstood

“Dude bros” are a problem.


Top Two “Most Requested” Feature is in Assassin’s Creed: Unity, Claims Ubisoft

What fans want, they get — at least in some cases.


Rainbow Six: Siege E3 Accolades Trailer Breaches Out

Ubisoft is pleased with the reception so far.


New Assassin’s Creed: Unity Trailers go Inside the Revolution

The gameplay trailer is more of an in-game trailer.


Ubisoft Hasn’t Forgotten Assassin’s Creed PlayStation 3 Players

PlayStation 3 owners need not worry.


Ubisoft Will Regularly Add Free Content to The Crew

We’ll get regular freebies.

Assassins Creed Unity Preview

Assassin’s Creed: Unity Animated Short to be Debuted at Comic-Con by Rob Zombie & Tony Moore

Learn more about Arno Dorian.


Ubisoft Explains the Story Behind Far Cry 4 Villain’s Flamboyant Suit

He loves his mommy.


Ubisoft’s CEO Wants More Time to Polish Games and Improve Testing

Watch Dogs was being tweaked until the last minute.


Ubisoft Q1 Financials: Watch Dogs Ships Over Eight Million Copies

Trials Fusion, Child of Light, and Valiant Hearts all helped them achieve strong numbers during the quarter.


Assassin’s Creed: Unity is the Beginning of a “New Cycle of Assassin’s Creed Games,” Claims Ubisoft

New players might want to take a leap of faith

(L-R) Watch Dogs retail version and demo screen shot

Industry Deception: E3 Demos Versus Retail Reality

All that glitters is not gold — especially when it comes to game demos.

time saver dlc ac4

Ubisoft: Players are Becoming More Receptive of Digital Content and Game Downloads

Season Passes are more than just DLC now.

Far Cry 4 Preview 1

Far Cry 4 “E3 2014 Accolades” Trailer Released by Ubisoft, “Kryat Edition” Revealed

Ubisoft is far from crying with Far Cry 4…


Ubisoft Quebec Will Lead an Upcoming Assassin’s Creed Title

Plan is to have 425 employees by 2017′s end.


Trials Fusion Riders of the Rustlands DLC Dated, Detailed

Get if free as part of the Season Pass.

Far Cry 4 “Packed to the Gills” With Women, Says Ubisoft

Binders of them!


Tetris Ultimate Devs Talk 1080p/60fps, No Loading, & Watching People’s Replays on PS4

See the best. Be the best.