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far cry 5 ps4 pro

Compare the PlayStation 4 Pro and PS4 Versions of Far Cry 5

Compare the two platforms!

Read the Far Cry 5 update 1.03 patch notes

Far Cry 5 Update 1.03 Live Now, Fixes Arcade Issue

One huge fix.

Far Cry 5 Has a Low-Budget Blood Dragon Mission That Makes Fun of Critics of the Series

A movie director in Hope County criticizes people’s opinions on the game.

Far Cry 5 Tower Easter Egg

Far Cry 5 Makes Fun of Previous Games’ Obsession With Towers

Sometimes you have to look backwards to appreciate moving forward.

Far Cry 5 World Events

The Eden’s Gate Cult Even Ruins Romantic Camping Trips in Far Cry 5

A man plays guitar. A couple dances. And then the cult comes.

Far cry 5 alien gun

Far Cry 5 Has an Alien Microwave Gun That Vaporizes Enemies, Here’s How to Get it

A quick splash, a fine red mist, and they are gone.

Far Cry 5 Secret Ending

Far Cry 5 Can Be Completed in Ten Minutes, Watch the Secret Ending

Will you make the arrest?

Far Cry 5 review

Far Cry 5 Review – Darkness in Hope County (PS4)

Be baptized in the waters and follow us to Eden’s Gate.

Far Cry 5 HDR

Far Cry 5 HDR Support Confirmed for PS4 Pro

Are you excited?

Far Cry 5 Avatars

Get Free Far Cry 5 Avatars and Enter to Win a PS4 Pro

The avatars are of Boomer!

far cry 5 helicopter

Here’s the Many Ways You Can Destroy Helicopters in Far Cry 5

Blow ’em up.

far cry blood dragon dev

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Creator Leaves Ubisoft

He turned down an offer to work in Paris.

steep live activities

Steep Live Activities Begin Next Month, Offer New Equipment

New activities in April, May, and June.

assassins creed rogue remastered ps4 pro vs xbox one x

Compare the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro Versions of Assassin’s Creed Rogue Remastered

Which console tackles the game the best?

ubisoft studios

Ubisoft Opens Two New Studios in India and Ukraine

India and Ukraine get new studios!

Rainbow Six Siege update 1.47 patch notes

Read the Rainbow Six Siege Update 1.47 Patch Notes

Plenty of bug fixes.

Assassins Creed Rogue Remastered Review Key Art

Assassin’s Creed Rogue Remastered Review – A Tale of Templars (PS4)

Another pirate adventure for yee!

vivendi ubisoft

Vivendi Sells its Entire 27% Share of Ubisoft

Tencent is now involved with Ubisoft.

far cry 5 length

Far Cry 5 Campaign Could Take You 25 Hours to Complete

How long will it take you?