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The Division Update 1.10 Today Includes 1080p PS4 Pro Support, Survival DLC Now Available

The UI renders at 4K on PS4 Pro.


For Honor Alpha Tester Highlights Issues With the Game’s P2P Matchmaking

He broke NDA to speak out.


The Division Update Next Week Will Add PS4 Pro Support, Fix CE-34878-0 Error

The Survival expansion also launches on December 20.


Ubisoft to Offer all For Honor DLC Maps and Modes for Free

But there will be micro-transactions and a Season Pass.


Rainbow Six Siege Update 5.2 Today Buffs Tachanka, Adds University Map to PvP

Other Operators have been tweaked.


For Honor Closed Beta Begins in January 2017, New Story Trailer Revealed

Plus: Learn all about War of the Factions and Faction War.

For Honor Gameplay

For Honor Preview – Going Medieval (PS4)

Watch LOTS of gameplay footage of hacking, slashing and killing!


Latest Watch Dogs 2 Update Lays the Groundwork for T-Bone Content Bundle

The ability to replay missions and set difficulty level also added.

For Honor 02 555x328

For Honor “Is an Always Online Experience,” Ubisoft Confirms

An internet connection is required at ALL times.

Werewolves Within PSVR review 3

Werewolves Within Review – Virtually Social Nuance (PSVR)

Bark at the moon.

For Honor Gameplay

For Honor’s Box Art Suggests It Requires a Persistent Internet Connection

…despite Ubisoft previously saying otherwise.


Watch Dogs 2 DLC Delayed Due to Time Spent Working on Patch 1.06

Seamless multiplayer needed to be fixed first.


Vivendi’s One Step Closer to Taking Over Ubisoft

But it continues to deny that it wants control.


Watch the Hilarious New South Park: The Fractured But Whole Trailer

Dive into the Coon Conspiracy


Steep Review – GoPro: The Game (PS4)

Sponsored by Red Bull…

The Division update 1.4

Ubisoft Talks “Live Games” DLC Strategy, Also Clears Up The Division Miscommunication

Online multiplayer fans rejoice!

Eagle Flight 01 555x328

Eagle Flight’s Latest Update Adds Cross-Play Multiplayer

You can now compete against Oculus owners.