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time saver dlc ac4

Ubisoft: Players are Becoming More Receptive of Digital Content and Game Downloads

Season Passes are more than just DLC now.

Far Cry 4 Preview 1

Far Cry 4 “E3 2014 Accolades” Trailer Released by Ubisoft, “Kryat Edition” Revealed

Ubisoft is far from crying with Far Cry 4…


Ubisoft Quebec Will Lead an Upcoming Assassin’s Creed Title

Plan is to have 425 employees by 2017′s end.


Trials Fusion Riders of the Rustlands DLC Dated, Detailed

Get if free as part of the Season Pass.

Far Cry 4 “Packed to the Gills” With Women, Says Ubisoft

Binders of them!


Tetris Ultimate Devs Talk 1080p/60fps, No Loading, & Watching People’s Replays on PS4

See the best. Be the best.


Watch Dogs DLC Hacks Its Way Out, Includes Three New Missions

New missions where you can hack more stuff!

June2014 GotM Header

Game of the Month – June 2014

Which game was the best in June? Find out inside!

Valiant Hearts Review1

Valiant Hearts: The Great War Review – Humanity Among War (PS4)

Such beauty; such savagery. This is The Great War.

Assassins Creed Unity Preview

Assassin’s Creed: Unity Won’t Have Competitive Multiplayer, Ubisoft Explains Why

Level Designer Bruno St-Andre explains why.

Watch_Dogs Being hacked

Watch Dogs PS4 and PS3 Patches Sneak Out, Full Notes Detailed

Full notes within.


Ubisoft CEO: Prince of Persia, Beyond Good & Evil Franchises Are “Not Going to Stop”

But they might “take some time.”


Far Cry 4 PS3/PS4 Exclusive “Keys to Kyrat” Co-Op Mode Requires a Client Download

“You get 10 invites.”


The Crew E3 Preview (PS4)

Crew up or shut up.


Rainbow Six: Siege Beta Heavily Hinted by Ubisoft

Rainbow Six: Siege beta essentially confirmed.


Ubisoft CEO: We “Won’t be Creating Too Many More” Big Franchises

Yves teases two Assassin’s Creed games this year.


E3 2014: PSLS Reacts to the Pressers

Press conferences reactions. What are yours?


E3 2014 Day 0 Recap

Catch every big news in one place.