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Xbox Boss Aaron Greenberg Thinks the Future is “Without Console Generations”

There might just be a continuation of devices as opposed to a new gen.

ps4 vs xbox one

Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg Talks Rivalry With Sony, Says There’s “No Hatred” Between the Two

What you see online isn’t exactly how the industry operates.

Xbox One vs PS4

Microsoft Exec Talks Differentiating Xbox One From PS4, Says Xbox is the Place to Play Shooters

Microsoft expects Black Ops 3 to be a “big title” for Xbox.


Shuhei Yoshida Visits Microsoft Booth, Tries the HoloLens

He also took a picture with them on.


Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg Discusses Console Exclusives and Sony’s Holiday Lineup

Sony had a “good show.”

ps4 vs xbox one

Xbox Exec Aaron Greenberg Claims Xbox One Had to Launch Head-to-Head With the PS4

First time the two consoles launched simultaneously.