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Activision Esports overwatch league

Activision Looking to Expand Franchises Outside of Games

They’re looking to do more films and television shows.

Activision Blizzard debt

Activision Blizzard Has $4.4 Billion in Long-Term Debt Outstanding

That’s a lot of money.

Activision Blizzard Made Over $4 Billion on Microtransactions and DLC in 2017, More Than Half Their Total Revenue

it was a record year for the company.

overwatch player base

Activision Blizzard Reveals Overwatch Players Still Play for an Average of 2 Hours a Day

The game’s still going strong, and boasts over 35 million players.

Call of Duty WWII Sales

Activision Blizzard Says Shift Towards Digital Is “Real” and A “Good Thing”

Although “retail is going to continue to be important for us on console for some time to come.”

Destiny 2 sales

Activision Blizzard “Very Happy” With Destiny 2 Performance So Far

“Multiple AAA teams [are] developing content for Destiny”

Activision microtransactions

Activision Blizzard Makes Over $1 Billion via In-Game Sales in Q3 2017

Also, expect more remasters.

Destiny 2 dlc leak

Destiny 2 Sold Significantly Fewer Physical Copies in First Month Than the Original, According to Analysts

Situation is similar in the UK.

Activision: Crash Bandicoot Remaster “Surpassed All of Our Expectations by a Pretty Wide Margin”

Looks like they’ll be doing more remasters in the future.

Digital Sales Dominate Activision Blizzard’s Better-Than-Expected Q2 Results

Overwatch online community continues to grow.

Activision Financials: Destiny 2, Call of Duty WWII Pre-Orders “Off to a Very Strong Start”

And both have been very well received by fans.

Orisa Comes to Overwatch on March 21, New Video Goes Behind-the-Scenes

Winston is the least picked hero in Overwatch.

Activision: Infinite Warfare Underperformed, The Space Setting “Just Didn’t Resonate” With Everyone

Infinity Ward and other developers reportedly hit with layoffs.

Destiny 2 Launches in Fall 2017 & Will Have A “Great Cinematic Story,” Says Activision (Update)

It will also be more accessible for casual players.

Report Suggests Blizzard is Recruiting for New First-Person Game

Said project will “utilize a robust first-person engine.”

4 Ways Symmetra Could Kick More Ass in Overwatch

Order will be restored. Death is an illusion. Pass into the iris or…no, I messed that up.

More Sombra Gameplay Details – Cooldown Rates, Invisibility Specifics, Hack Interruptions, Bunch More Info on Overwatch’s New Hero

Overwatch videos and conversations at Blizzcon tell all about Sombra’s teleporter, invisibility, hacking, and more.

Overwatch is Fastest Activision Blizzard Title to Reach 20M Players, Black Ops III Still No. 1 This Gen

10 billion hours of playtime this quarter!

Destiny 2: Bungie & Activision Looking to Deliver a “Steady Stream of Great Content” Post-Launch

The sequel should bring millions of new players to the franchise next year.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is Still the Best-Selling Game of the Generation

Modern Warfare Remastered “really looking amazing.”