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PlayStation LifeStyle Destiny Beta Code Giveaway

Want a beta code? Come forth within, Guardian!

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Destiny Gameplay Videos Feature Shores of Time Map, Titan Domination

Shores of Time will be part of the beta.


Destiny Beta Open to PlayStation Plus Asia, Limited to 5,000 Members

Here we go again…though this one looks legit this time.


Report: Destiny PvP Modes Revealed, Includes Skirmish, Rumble and More

Maybe we’ll get to play some of these modes in the beta.

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Bungie Confirms Destiny Beta Won’t be Under NDA, Players Won’t be Able to Trade Weapons

You’ve got to earn your weapons!


Report: Destiny Beta to Last 10 Days According to Japanese Beta Site (Update)

We’re just as excited as you are

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Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Not Mad at Bungie for Siding With Sony on Destiny

Phil Spencer just wants Bungie to make a great game.


Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare “Animation & Art Direction” Video Shows New Tech and Kevin Spacey

See the new tech that Sledgehammer is using for Advanced Warfare.


Bungie on Destiny Redefining a Genre: The Idea Would be Arrogant

Is Destiny redefining the FPS genre?


Destiny Teen Rating Summarized by the ESRB

Better watch out for those aliens who “emit splashes of white or black liquid when shot.”


Destiny End-Game to “Blow” Players’ Mind With a “Whole Bunch of Crazy,” Says Bungie

Bungie also confirms the story arc won’t be resolved in full with just the first game.


Destiny Trophies Revealed, “Ghost” Dialogue Updated for Beta and Will be Updated Again for Launch

“That Wizard Came From the Moon” will be updated, says Bungie.

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Fireteam LifeStyle: Destiny Alpha Impressions – Confidence in the Wastelands

Gather round the fire and share your Destiny stories.


Destiny Rated “Teen” by ESRB, Game Will “Never be Reprehensible” Claims Bungie

“We wanted our worlds to be a place people felt good about spending time in,” claims Bungie on Destiny.


Call of Duty: Ghosts Double XP Event Happening This Weekend

Double up on XP before Invasion hits next week!


Destiny Remote Play PS4 to PS Vita Controller Layout Revealed

Here’s how you’ll control your Guardian on the Vita.

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Destiny Beta to be Open to Everyone With PlayStation Plus – (Update)

Everyone can become legend this July…provided you’re a PS+ member.


Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Future Tech & Exoskeleton Behind-the-Scenes Vid Jump Out

Exosuits and futuristic weapons will shake the Call of Duty multiplayer base.


Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Multiplayer Factions to be Named “Atlas” and “Sentinel”

Keeping line with the futuristic theme.


Bungie Shares Destiny Alpha Stats, Over Six Million Games Played and More

The Destiny open beta should have even more impressive figures.