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Destiny 2 Crimson Days Will Shun Microtransactions, Offer Player Friendly Reward System

Repeat rewards will be locked out until all loot is earned.

Report: Crash Bandicoot to Return in 2019, Activision Has a Five Year Plan For the Series

N. Sane Trilogy will be going multiplatform.

Destiny 2 Trials of the Nine Map and Mode for February 2-February 5

Get ready for another hard fought battle.

Destiny 2 Xur Location and Inventory Guide for February 2 – February 5, 2018

He’s got one of the best Warlock exotics this week!

cod ww2 update

Call of Duty WWII Update Fixes Ranked Play XP Issues

It has been deployed.

Destiny 2’s Second Expansion Releasing in May, Bungie Clarifies

Just three months away.

Bungie Continues Transparency With Roadmap of Monthly Destiny 2 Updates Through May

It will likely lead up to the release of Expansion II.

The Latest Free Destiny Webcomic, Fall of Osiris Part 2, is Available Now

Watch the rift grow between Osiris and the Speaker.

Destiny 2 HDR update

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset 1/30 – 2/5: Iron Banner Returns

Earn those Iron Banner armor ornaments.

Destiny 2 Update 1.1.2 Adds Masterwork Armor, New Raid Armor Mods, Read the Patch Notes

Experience required to earn Bright Engrams has been reduced.

Destiny 2 Servers Down For Maintenance, Adding Update 1.1.2 To Add Masterwork Armor

There will be another update in February to add and change a number of things.

Call of Duty WWII Sales

Being a Resistance Fighter is Tough in Latest Call of Duty: WWII DLC Trailer

New war mission, maps, and Nazi Zombies.

mtx controversy

Anger Over Microtransactions Will Hurt Activision and EA, Warns Analyst

“This isn’t a monopoly business,” says Doug Creutz.

Bungie Acknowledges Destiny 2 Shader Issue and Gives Insight Into Why It Hasn’t Been Fixed

It’s a lot more complex than it appears on the surface.

Destiny 2 Trials of the Nine Map and Mode for January 26-January 29

Earn your Season 2 ornaments!

Bungie Begins Righting the Ship For Destiny 2, Adding Masterwork Armor and Fixing Raid Rewards

Bungie is making good on the promises they’ve made.

Destiny 2 Xur Location and Inventory Guide for January 26 – January 29, 2018

One item from Curse of Osiris.

Iron Banner Will Return to Destiny 2 Next Week With Some Big Changes

New loot and new ways to earn rewards.

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset 1/23 – 1/29: New Flashpoint, New Nightfall, More

End of the Faction Rallies. Get the winning prize.