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“Huge Focus From Sony” on PS4 F2P Stuff in the Next Few Years due to Warframe’s Success

Netflix, Warframe, Outlast, and Don’t Starve on PS4 have been downloaded over 1 million times.

Adam Boyes Pokes Fun at Xbox One’s Launch Parity Policy

He fires 8 bullet… points.

Adam Boyes on PS4 Game Interaction: Dead Nation “1st Great Example,” More to Come

Boyes was also at Destination PlayStation: “So many great things happening.”

Adam Boyes Had a “Super Sneak Peek” of an Upcoming PS4 Game: “I’d Lost My Mind”

He also names his top 10 games of the generation.

Adam Boyes Talks About Bringing Beloved IPs to PlayStation, Teases Announcements, Surprises

Boyes are always such teases.

Adam Boyes: “Right Now We’re Planning E3”, “We’re Planning gamescom”, “We’re Planning TGS”

I’m planning on watching all those conferences.

Adam Boyes: PS4 Launch has “Way More Content Than The Other Guys” Thanks to Indies

Exclusives are just a way for console makers to “brag louder.”

PS4 HDMI Game Capture Confirmed by Sony, Likely Coming After Console Launch


Adam Boyes Asks Daily Reaction: What Would You do if You Had Control Over PlayStation?

Boyes will be Boyes.

Adam Boyes: The Elder Scrolls Online “Was Never Planned to Come to Consoles”, Sony Convinced Bethesda to do it

Adam Boyes says “like” more times than a teenage girl.

Sony Commissions Awesome Custom Made PS3s For Devs: Grand Theft Auto V, BioShock Infinite, More

Warning: You will want them.

Adam Boyes: “I Have Such a Crush” on Shuhei Yoshida, “I Want to Grab his Cheeks”

Glad to hear I’m not the only one.

PlayStation Vita Has “A Lot of Content Being Built for it,” With “Tons of it From Indies”

Remote Play makes PS Vita “the greatest peripheral for a console.”

Sony has “Hundreds of Developers Globally” on PS4 and Have Sent Out “Hundreds of Dev Kits”

Why have hundreds, when you could have….dozens?