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canceled e3 games

Games Revealed at E3 That Never Saw a Release

A toast to those games that never saw the warm light of day.

Rockstar Renews “Agent” Trademark

Just in time for E3?

Artist Reveals Images of Rockstar’s Agent

The art team was taken off Agent to work on Grand Theft Auto V.

Rockstar Job Opening Points Toward “Asymmetrical Cooperative Stealth Experience”

They also want someone with a “deep understanding and love of car culture.”

Report: Rockstar May Have Cancelled PS3 Exclusive Agent

It’s probably coming to the PS4.

The Catch-Up: May 23rd, 2014 – Take-Two Trademarks ‘Agent’ and ‘City Stories’

Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark gets a gameplay trailer; See Wolfenstein: The New Order censored.

Take Two Renews Trademark for Rockstar’s PS3 Exclusive Agent

Just to play with us

Agent Appears on Rockstar Employee LinkedIn as “in Development” as of 2012

Secret Agent.

Agent May No Longer Be a PS3 Exclusive

Despite being announced back in 2009, virtually nothing is known about Rockstar’sRead the full article…

Rockstar’s Agent Still in Development Confirms Take Two

After over one year of not hearing a single word on Rockstar’sRead the full article…

E3 2011 Predictions: Sony, PlayStation 3, NGP, Move and PSN

It’s that special time of the year again. New games are beingRead the full article…

Rockstar Stay Silent on Agent, L.A. Noire Details Incoming

Details regarding Rockstar and Team Bondi’s mystery crime thriller. L.A. Noire hasRead the full article…

Take Two Uphold Agent Exclusivity to PlayStation 3

It has been over 12 months since last year’s E3, and whileRead the full article…

Grand Theft Auto V May Be Hijacking E3

Over the past couple months there have been multiple rumors about aRead the full article…

RockStar’s Agent Still Deep Undercover

One of Sony’s biggest announcements at E3 2009 was that Rockstar North was developing Agent exclusively for the PS3. It also happened to be the shortest announcement during Sony’s conference as very little information has been leaked since then. We’ve got good news for you: The game is still in development. We also have some bad news for you.

What’s Next for the PlayStation 3 After God of War III?

We’re nearing the end of first-quarter 2010, and the year has alreadyRead the full article…

Rockstar Promises PS3 Owners a Good 2010

The biggest event in gaming two years ago was the release ofRead the full article…

Agent: “Something Truly Spectacular”

Not much has been revealed about Rockstar’s newest game, Agent. Aside fromRead the full article…

Take-Two Gives Its Take on GTA V Release

Ever since the release of GTA IV last April, people have wantedRead the full article…