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little dragons cafe

E3 2018: Little Dragons Café Release Date Revealed

Dragons have magic healing powers, apparently.

7sCarlet Review

7’scarlet Review – Summer Lovin’, Happened So Fast (Vita)

But ah, oh those summer nights!

little dragons cafe screenshots

Aksys Games Releases New Character Art Images and In-game Screenshots for Little Dragons Cafe

Adorable and cute dragons a bound!

Little Dragons Cafe Limited Edition

Get Your Very Own Dragon with Little Dragons Café Limited Edition

I want a dragon!

Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly Review – Float Like a Butterfly (Vita)

I’d like to poke fun at its name, but it actually makes sense.

psychedelica of the black butterfly

Prepare Your Vita for the Suspense Thrill of Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly

Due to the nature of the game, Psychedelica will leave you with black butterflies in the stomach.

Code Realize Bouquet of Rainbows review

Code: Realize ~Bouquet of Rainbows~ Review (PS4)

I realize that this review is rather late. You might say I Code: Realize it.

little dragons cafe

Little Dragons Café Welcomes First Trailer

You’re a cute little dragon!

little dragons cafe ps4

Aksys Games Announces Little Dragons Café, Releasing for PlayStation 4 This Summer

Manage dragons and a café!

code realize future blessings

Aksys Games Bringing Two Code: Realize Limited Editions to PS4 and PS Vita

Pins, banners, and more!

code realize future blessings

Two New Code: Realize Games Launching Later This Year

One for the PS4, one for Vita!

Tokyo Xanadu eX+ review

Tokyo Xanadu eX+ Review – Chosen One (PS4)

Just another day in the life of a Japanese highschooler JRPG protagonist.

Tokyo Xanadau EX+ Releases in December in North America

Tokyo Xanadu eX+ Release Date Confirmed for December in North America

Check out the physical limited edition!

school girl zombie hunter trailer

Watch the Opening Trailer for School Girl/Zombie Hunter

Coming later this year.

school girl zombie hunter trailer

School Girl/Zombie Hunter Releases This November in North America

It’s set in the Onechanbara universe.

Code Realize Fandisc

Second Code: Realize Fandisc Gets a Release Date in Japan

Code: Realize will be getting a second fandisc soon.

bad apple wars release

Bad Apple Wars Gets a Release Date With a Day One Edition

The limited Day One edition will only be available at Gamestop.

Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma Review — Saying Goodbye (PS4)

The final chapter of one of gaming’s greatest trilogies arrives on PS4.

Drive Girls Brings Its Half-Car, Half-Idol Action to Vita in September

I’ve got a girl that transforms into a car!

Zero Time Dilemma PS4 vs PC Comparison Video Released

Which version looks better?