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PS3 Review – Alice: Madness Returns

Spicy Horse takes the reigns to lead us through the insanity of Alice: Madness Returns, and it’s time to find out if it’s crazy fun, or coma inducing boredom.

PlayStation Release Horizon – Week of June 13, 2011

After arguably the biggest week in the year on a gamer’s annualRead the full article…

Alice: Madness Returns Sets the Mood with Story Trailer

Electronic Arts have released a new trailer for Alice: Madness Returns andRead the full article…

Visit Alice’s Roots When you Purchase Madness Returns

It has been close to 11 years since gamers visited the darkRead the full article…

ESRB Rates Alice: Madness Returns, Possible Plot Clues

You could probably tell what the rating for the upcoming sequel is going to be, but the ESRB has also revealed some unexpected comments in the game’s dialogue.

Alice: Madness Returns Gameplay Footage

Courtesy of IGN, the footage finds Alice trying to make her way through one crazy looking world and even crazier looking enemies.

EA Sheds Some Light Onto Two Dark Games

EA is publishing two rather dark titles that will release this summer:Read the full article…

Alice: Madness Returns Visits the Tea Party in Latest Trailer

Electronic Arts has gone and released a new trailer for Alice: Madness Returns.

Alice: Madness Returns TGS Trailer is Disturbingly Mental

Kids, we’d recommend you to cease watching this trailer. Seriously. Electronic ArtsRead the full article…

Return to Wonderland in Alice: Madness Returns

Its about that time to jump back into the world of theRead the full article…