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Anarchy Reigns Review (PS3)

Make it rain.

DmC Devil May Cry

The PS3 & PS Vita Games Releasing in January 2013 for North America

VgR Video Game Releases


Europe Is Getting A Day One Edition For Anarchy Reigns

Which Sega heroine appears inside?


Anarchy Reigns Begins Its Reign In January 2013

And yet it was finished in July.

feature-Anarchy Reigns Blacker Baron

Go Multiplayer with Anarchy Reigns Trailer and Screenshots

The publisher has sent out a new trailer and screenshots for the multiplayer in the upcoming Anarchy Reigns.

The Blacker Baron’s Sexy Fists Cause Max Anarchy

Another character vignette from Anarchy Reigns has been released, this time revealing the Black Baron, who’s bringing the pain with maximum style.

Mathilda from Anarchy Reigns Shows Some Bayonetta Inspired Sexiness

Platinum Games has been on a roll recently with big titles suchRead the full article…

Anarchy Reigns is full of Bull

News has started to arrive almost daily for Atsushi Inaba‚Äôs Max AnarchyRead the full article…

Anarchy Reigns Gets a Little Sword Action

Sega has released images of the latest character to be included inRead the full article…

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Say Hi to Sasha the Ice Queen in Anarchy Reigns Trailer

The first of the reveals has just touched down and let’s the world say hello to Sasha the Ice Queen.

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Say Hello to Anarchy Reigns with Teaser

The teaser doesn’t show us much, just a glimpse of Jack from Madworld and a strange looking dude with horns.