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FBI Arrest a Handful of Anonymous Hackers, Karma Exists After All

Hackers have been on the rise since earlier in the year, andRead the full article…


Anonymous Members Arrested in Spain Over PSN Attack, Government Hacks

There is one crucial rule for self preservation if you are aRead the full article…

Anonymous Could Face Severe Backlash From PSN Users

Anonymous has been a thorn in Sony’s side for about a monthRead the full article…

Sony Responds to the U.S. House of Representatives

Earlier today, the U.S. House of Representatives held a hearing on “TheRead the full article…


PSN Brought Down By “An Outside Party”, But Anonymous Claims Innocence

With the PlayStation Network currently suffering major outages, possibly due to aRead the full article…


Anonymous Ceasing DDoS Attacks Altogether, But Will “Pursue Other Ways Of Getting Sony’s Attention”

With Anonymous having ceased DDoS attacks so that the PSN consumers wouldRead the full article…


Anonymous “On Your Side,” Backing off PSN Attacks

Anonymous has been at the center of the gaming world lately, dueRead the full article…


The Worst Is Yet to Come: Anonymous Talks To PlayStation LifeStyle

After extensively covering Anonymous’ attack on Sony, PlayStation LifeStyle’s news was heavilyRead the full article…

Hacker Group Anonymous Declare War On Sony

Sony has gained much attention, controversy and exposure ever since it tookRead the full article…