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Fighting Ex Layer Blair Dame

Fighting Layer EX Will Launch Digitally Before June 2018

Prepare to fight!


Translated Fighting EX Layer Interview Talks About Harada Involvement and More

There’s a lot to this interview!

Fighting Ex Layer Blair Dame

Blair Dame Will Return in Fighting Ex Layer, Watch the Teaser Trailer

An exciting return

fighting ex layer beta

Arika Details Fighting EX Layer Beta Plans, Regional Availability, and More

You’ll need PlayStation Plus.

Watch High Level Gameplay of Arika’s Mysterious Fighting Game

It looks like a lot of fun.

Doctrine Dark Confirmed for Arika's Mysterious Fighting Game

Doctrine Dark Confirmed for Arika’s The Mysterious Fighting Game

He’s a veteran of Street Fighter EX.

A New Trailer for Arika’s The Mysterious Fighting Game is Revealed

We still don’t know the game’s actual name, though.

arika allen snider 080917

Allen Snider Announced for Arika’s New Fighting Game

Another Street Fighter EX character is added to the roster.

Here’s 50 Mins of Gameplay From Arika’s “Mysterious” New Fighting Game

Nope, it still doesn’t have a title.

Arika’s New EX Fighting Game Will Feature the Return of Skullomania

He’s back and better than ever!

Street Fighter EX Studio Bringing New Game to EVO 2017 in Playable State

That April Fools’ Day video wasn’t a joke.