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Helldivers Studio Says Making Games PS4 Pro Compatible Is Easy

“It took us very little time to get the game running on PS4 Pro in 4K.”

Helldivers Update 5.00 Today Adds PS4 Pro Support, New Equipment

You’ll also find some balance changes and fixes.

Helldivers Update Today Adds New Mission & New Ranks

New paid DLC available today.

Gauntlet: Slayer Edition Unlikely to Receive Further Updates

Their time with Warner Bros. is coming to a close.

Helldivers Super-Earth Ultimate Edition Gets Launch Trailer

Coming August 18.

Helldivers Update Patch 2.01 Now Out, Full List of Changes Detailed

Bugs fixed, tweaks made, and new additions are in.

Helldivers Update Today Increases Rank Cap, Adds New Environment & Enemies

Nearly 11 billion shots have been fired.

New Helldivers Video Details “Turning Up The Heat” Expansion Objectives

Coming soon, and will be free.

Helldivers Update 1.04 Now Out, Full Patch Notes Listed

Super Earth Command has made some changes.

Players Have Already Killed One Hundred Million Enemies in Helldivers

It’s only been four days!

Arrowhead Aware of Various Helldivers Issues, Working on Fixes

Upcoming patches should alleviate some of the problems.