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Arslan: The Warriors of Legend – For the Future of Pars (PS4)

The Heroic Legend of Arslan, previously known as a manga and anime series, gets its own Musou rendition in Arlsan: The Warriors of Legend!


PlayStation New Releases for February 2016 Spotlight

From Firewatch to Far Cry Primal and everything in between.


Some PS4 Game Prices in Canada Have Risen to $85

Some Vita games are at $54.99.


Arslan: The Warriors of Legend Releases February 9 on PS4, PS3 & Xbox One

Europe will have to wait a few more days.


“Warriors” Style PS4 Game Arslan Out Now in Japan, 3 New Trailers

Coming in 2016, and “early” according to Koei Tecmo NA & EU.


32 Screens & Gameplay Video for PS4’s Arslan: The Warriors of Legend

Get a good look at this PS4 warriors game.


TGS 2015 – Arslan: The Warriors of Legend Hands-On Preview (PS4)

Seems good for fans of the genre and/or franchise.


3 Really Short Arslan: The Warriors of Legend Gameplay Videos Demonstrate “Mardan Rush”

Archer, Pawn, and Cavalry show their stuff.


4 Arslan: The Warriors of Legend Videos Show Characters & Combat

Arslan inevitably makes me think of “arse lawn” and brings up weird imagery. Sorry.


20 Screens of PS4 Warriors Game Arslan

Huh-huh-HYAA! Huh-huh-HYAA!


Arslan: The Warriors of Legend Is Getting a Western Release on PS4 & PS3 in Early 2016

Also coming to Xbox One.