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Ask PSLS – Your PlayStation Origins

When was it?

Ask PSLS – So… Destiny

We talk about… what else? Destiny.

Ask PSLS – Favorite Genre of Video Game

I like sim-shooter-adventure-RPG-action-puzzle-dramas!

Ask PSLS: The Value of PlayStation Plus

What does $50 per year mean to you?

Ask PSLS: Too Many Games… Not Enough Space…

Digital and physical.

Ask PSLS: Too Many Games… Not Enough Time…

There are only 24 hours in a day!

Ask PSLS: The Frame Rate Debate

Article within runs a steady one frame per click.

Ask PSLS: Telltale Games Franchise Adaptation Wishlist

TV shows seem to be popular answers.

Ask PSLS: The Current State of the PlayStation Network

Ask PSLS is NOT down for maintenance!

Ask PSLS: DualShock 4 or DualShock Forgotten?

G.A.F.F. – Gamers Against Forced Features

Ask PSLS: What Was Your Favorite Game From the First Half of 2014?

Survey says…

Ask PSLS: Are You Regretting Your PS Vita Purchase?

The response is surprisingly positive.

Ask PSLS: What is Your Favorite PSP Game?

Coded Arms!

Ask PSLS: What PlayStation E3 2014 Announcement Would Stop the Internet?

Kevin Butler introduces the PS5!

Ask PSLS: What do you Hope is Announced at E3 2014?

Good games!

Ask PSLS: Do You Think E3 is Still Relevant?

There is only one right answer.

Ask PSLS: How Should Sony Respond to the Kinect-Less Xbox One Announcement?

Let’s try to keep it civil.

Ask PSLS: What’s Your Favorite Couch Co-op/Couch Multiplayer Game?

We’re not all friends when it comes to Ask PSLS.

Ask PSLS: Which Franchise do you Think Would Benefit the Most From VR?

All of them!

Ask PSLS: Who is Your Favorite Companion in Video Games?

Enslaved gets a mention!