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assassins creed origins trailer

Become a Creed in New Live Action Assassin’s Creed Origins Trailer

Embody the creed!

ESRB loot boxes

ESRB Won’t Classify In-Game Loot Boxes as Gambling

Compares them to collectible card game packs.

Assassin's Creed Origins (6)

Assassin’s Creed Origins File Size Revealed

Clocking in at under 50 gigabytes.

Assassins Creed Origins Trophy list

Assassin’s Creed Origins Trophy List Revealed, More Than 50 to Earn

Some of the trophy names are quite clever.

assassins creed origins dlc

Assassin’s Creed Origins Season Pass and Post-Launch DLC Detailed

Tons of new content!

gaming loot boxes

Now Loading: Are Gaming Loot Boxes Inherently Bad?

Are they always a bad thing?

assassins creed origins loot boxes

New Details on Assassin’s Creed Origins Loot Boxes Emerge

Boxes cost in-game money.

assassin's creed origins trailer

New Assassin’s Creed Origins Details Emerge After Twitter Q&A

Multiple saves, photo mode, and more!

assassins creed origins loot boxes

Assassin’s Creed Origins Has Loot Boxes

Joining the trend.

assassin's creed origins trailer

The Ancient Egyptians Aren’t so Serious in Latest Assassin’s Creed Origins Video

There’s a staff filled with candy.

Assassins creed origins player freedom stealth

Ubisoft Highlights Player Freedom in Assassin’s Creed: Origins

Approach each situation however is most comfortable to you.

Assassins Creed Origins trailer

Assassin’s Creed Origins Trailer Shows Birth of the Brotherhood

Cinematic trailer focuses on Bayek.

assassin's creed origins trailer

Assassin’s Creed Origins Install Size Revealed

Less than 50gb!

assassin's creed origins 080917

Return to Sand in the New Assassin’s Creed Origins Trailer

Where it ends, it begins.

Assassin’s Creed Origins Discovery Tour

Assassin’s Creed: Origins Discovery Tour Removes Combat, Adds Education

Expect it in early 2018


New Assassin’s Creed Origins Video Details Narrative and Story

Unravel the mystery.

Assassins Creed Origins Aya

Assassin’s Creed Origins Aya Voice Actress Revealed

A video game vet.

Order of the Ancients - Assassins Creed Origins Trailer

Learn About the Order of the Ancients From New Assassin’s Creed Origins Trailer

To join the group you need to wear a spooky mask.

assassin's creed origins trailer

Assassin’s Creed Origins Preview — Bulls, Poison and Cleopatra (PS4)

Saving bulls by day, assassinating foes by night.

assassin's creed origins monster

Ubisoft Teams Up With Monster Energy for Assassin’s Creed Origins

Get some new weapons and other goodies.