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PS5 backwards compatibility

Rumor: More Evidence Points to PS5 Backwards Compatibility With PS4 Library

We might be able to carry our digital libraries forward with us, attached to the user, not the console.

Sony: PS4 Is Ahead of Xbox One 2-to-1 in North America, 3-to-1 in Europe

Ryan says backwards compatibility is one of those features that is “not actually used much.”

7 Gaming Problems That Made Us Facepalm in 2015 (Podcast)

The podcast whines and complains and yearns for the “good old days.”

“What PS2 Games Would You Like to See on Your PS4?” Asks Sony XDev Europe

Video compares the Star Wars classics on PS4 vs PS2.

Confirmed: PS2 Emulation Coming to PS4

No release date or other details though.

Microsoft’s Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Trailer Mimics Sony’s PS4 Used Games Trailer

Step 1: Watch the video.

Jim Ryan on Backwards Compatibility: “It’s a Feature That’s Not Used That Much,” Our Focus Is on the New Games

He thinks it would be difficult to break Naughty Dog’s association with Uncharted.

Daily Reaction: Is Backwards Compatibility Forward Thinking?

Previous Daily Reactions may or may not be compatible.

PlayStation’s Shuhei Yoshida: “Backward Compatibility is Hard,” Would Have Done it if it Was Easy

“I don’t think we will change our approach.”

PlayStation Isn’t Adding Backwards Compatibility to PS4: “We Are Just Taking a Different Path”

According to Ryan, backwards compatibility is “not so greatly used.”