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New Digimon Survive Game

New Digimon Survive Game Announced, Coming to Japan in 2019

Again, why does Japan get absolutely everything?

Naruto to Boruto Shinobi Striker Open Beta

Bandai Namco Reveals Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker Open Beta Dates

You playing as Naruto, or are you creating your own ninja?

Black Clover Quartet Knightts Gameplay

Black Clover: Quartet Knights Trailer Shows Off Beautifully Chaotic Battles

Some magic to this madness.

Soul Calibur 6 Guest Character

Soul Calibur VI Guest Character Geralt of Rivia ‘Fits Right In’

Motohiro Okubo says Geralt of Rivia “fits right in” with Soul Calibur VI’s world.

Dark Souls Remastered New Patch

Dark Souls Remastered New Patch Will Make Cheaters Visible

No more invisibility cloaks for you cheaters.

Code Vein Release Date changed

Code Vein Release Date Altered, Set for 2019

Most of us saw this coming, I think.

tekken 7 season 2

Rumored Season 2 Pass Means You May Not Be Done Paying for Tekken 7 Content

The content never stops.

jump force game

Jump Force Game Possibly Labeled as a Live Service

They want you to play it “for an extended period of time for the long run.”

talim soul calibur vi

Talim’s Return in Soul Calibur VI Marked with Combotastic Trailer

Food for the Soul.

My Hero One Justice Release Date

My Hero One’s Justice Release Date Revealed, Coming Late October

Maybe we’re good enough to inherit One for All?

Jump Force Character Roster

Ichigo, Rukia and Aizen Officially Playable in Jump Force

The more, the merrier they say.

divinity original sin 2 console

Divinity: Original Sin II’s Console Versions Will Come Without the Game Master Mode

All other online modes are included in the console versions.

Ni no Kuni 2 DLC

Ni no Kuni II Update 1.03 Features New Difficulty Modes

A new update is available for Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom.

Jump Force preview

E3 2018: Jump Force Hands-on Preview – Epic Mashups Await (PS4)

Wonder what other franchises will end up in here?!

Tales of Vesperia Definite Edition

Bandai Namco Shows Off Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition in Screens

A host of new Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition screenshots have been provided curtesy of Bandai Namco.


E3 2018: SOULCALIBUR VI Hands-on Preview – Ready Your Fight Sticks (PS4)

Fight for your soul.

Armored Core tease

Armored Core Tease Slips Out of FromSoftware

FromSoftware’s got a lot of projects in the pipeline, including a new Armored Core.

Tokyo Ghoul re Call to Exist release date

Tokyo Ghoul: re Call Release Date Announced for Winter in Japan

Which are you, a ghoul or an investigator?

Code Vein Hot Springs and more

Code Vein Season Pass, Japanese Digital Preorders Revealed

Hot springs looks nice.

Ace Combat 7 Gameplay Trailer

E3 2018: Ace Combat 7 Gameplay Trailer Has A Lot of Explosions Action

Flying into a storm.