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Tekken 7’s First DLC Pack Arrives in August, Includes Bowling

One of the two guest characters has been decided.

Tekken 7 01

Tekken 7 Update 1.03 Is Live on PS4, Improves Online Matchmaking & More

Eliza should be out this month.


Sword Art Online: Lost Song Western Sales Figures Revealed, Hollow Realization Details Teased

Digital downloads did well.


Tekken 7 Interview – Talking Console Launch, New Features and Unreal Engine 4

Ready? Fight!


Lotta Console, Handheld Support in Bandai Namco TGS 2015 Lineup

One of the biggest forces in traditional gaming this year.


Godzilla Review – Clunky Kaiju (PS4)

I don’t recommend it.


Godzilla PS4 Trailer Focuses on Fighting Other Giant Monsters

So who’s the real king of all monsters?


12 Screens: Taiko Drum Master Vita’s RPG Mode Guest Characters Shown

Freedom Wars, Ys, IdolM@ster, Tekken, and more.


Taiko Drum Master Vita Song List, Video Revealed

Featuring Yawaraka Sensha, heck yes!


Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth Review – Pokémon Slayers (Vita Import)

Digivolving the Vita’s RPG library.


6 Screenshots, New Trailer for Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

Coming this fall to PS4, X1, and PC.


The Witcher 3 Will Feature Various Islands to Explore

Some of which will contain secrets.

Josie Tekken 7

New Tekken 7 Characters Officially Revealed, Get Awesome Gameplay Videos

Josie, Jin, and Devil Jin!

The Witcher 3 - 2

Witcher 3 Will Have “A Lot More Than 100 Hours of Gameplay,” Says CD Projekt

Also, the RPG will feature monsters with backstories.

Leaked Tekken 7 Image

Tekken 7 Images Datamined, Four Characters Shown

Two of the characters are mysteries!


English God Eater 2: Rage Burst Trailers Taunt the World

Players need English subs in their trailers, but publishers don’t realize what that indicates.


Dark Souls 2 PS4 vs. PS3 Comparison Video Shows Some Interesting Differences

The PS3 version looks smoother?


Sword Art Online: Lost Song Asia Ver. Has English Subs, Pre-Orders Now Open

Bunch of screenshots and pre-order details.