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KontrolFreek Battle Royale

Last Thumb Standing: How Battle Royale Gave KontrolFreek its Biggest Day Ever

More than just thumbstick covers.

H1Z1 Sales Show the game is Becoming a Top Ps4 title

H1Z1: Battle Royale Fast Becoming One of the Biggest PS4 Games

Battle royale overload and people love it!

battle royale mode

Former Ubisoft Dev Says Online Shooters Will Now Start Shipping With Battle Royale by Default

Alex Hutchinson likens the mode to Team Deathmatch.

playstation interviews fortnite featured

PlayStation Blog Interviews Fortnite Design Lead Eric Williamson

The game wasn’t a massive hit overnight. I think success came after the fortnight, or something like that.

PlayStation Battle Royale Features All-Star Original Voice Cast – Listen To Them Here!

It’s nice to hear your opponents voice before you meet your demise; check out all of All-Stars vocally vicious taunts here.