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Battlefield Hardline3

Battlefield Hardline Goes Gold, Double XP Event Starts Tomorrow for Battlefield 4

Lots of exciting Battlefield news!


Battlefield 4 Getting Winter Patch in March 2015, Community Map Project Announced

Work together with DICE to create a new map.


Unlock Heist Mode for the Battlefield Hardline Beta by Playing Battlefield 4 This Week

Are you up for the task?


Battlefield 4 “Payback” Video Features Insane Shots, Huge Killstreaks, and More

Awesome stuff.


More Battlefield 4 DLC is on the Way, Vote on Classic Maps You’d Like to See Re-Imagined

Final Stand is not the end.


Battlefield 4 CTE Coming to Consoles, No Definite Time-Frame for Release

Apparently, Microsoft and Sony aren’t ready…


Battlefield 4 Update Brings Tons of Fixes, Enables Final Stand

Put on your reading glasses.


Battlefield 4 Final Stand Launch Trailer Brings Future Warfare

See the chaos that awaits.


Battlefield 4 Final Stand Release Date Revealed for Premium and Non-Premium Users

Future warfare on the battlefield has a date.


Battlefield 4 Battlefest Season 2 Details Revealed, “Special Announcement” Incoming Later Today

Battlepacks and more await.


Battlefield 4 Lawsuit Favors EA, Says the Company Did Not Knowingly Mislead Customers

Would you have favored EA?


PS3, PS Vita & PS4 New Releases: October 19 – 25, 2014 – Premium, Dude

Walk, don’t run, to the new games this week.


Battlefield 4 Final Stand DLC Map and Gadgets Info Revealed

Remote controlled drone with an LMG? Yep…


DICE “Certain” Battlefield 4 Launch Issues Won’t be Repeated for Future Games

“We’re not as secretive anymore,” says Sirland.

bf hardline 3

“Not Everyone Will Like” Battlefield Hardline, Says DICE Producer

Will you like it?


DICE Looking to Implement Field Upgrade, Objective Play Changes and More to Battlefield 4

Don’t expect it anytime soon, though.

Battlefield 4

DICE: Battlefield 4 Launch “Absolutely” Damaged Player Trust

Claims this won’t be the case with Battlefield Hardline.


Battlefield 4 Premium Edition Announced, Releases This Month

Did you have any doubts this would be coming out?


Seven-Day Battlefield 4 PS3 Trial is Free for PlayStation Plus Members Beginning Later Today

Play the full game free for 168 hours.


Battlefield 4 PS4, PS3 Fall 2014 Update Available Today

There’s an overwhelming amount of changes.