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battlezone gold edition release date

You Can Play Battlezone this May Even Without a VR Headset

It’s a tank game that merged with Tron.

Battlezone Update Adds New Difficulty Modes, Missions, Weapons and More

There’s even a new Trophy!

Battlezone VR Review – Tanks for the Memories (PSVR)

Battlezone VR is basically an arcade booth in your living room.

Battlezone Update 1.02 Adds PS4 Pro Support, Free Campaign DLC on the Way

You’ll find increased super-sampling resolution and more on PS4 Pro.

PSVR launch games

PlayStation VR Launch Games Preview

It’s happening!

PlayStation Releases and PSN Store Must Buys for October 11-October 18, 2016

A special anniversary and the dawn of something new.

Most Anticipated Games of Holiday 2016 Include Battlefield 1 & Batman, Study Says

Batman: Arkham VR is ahead of The Last Guardian on PS4.

Here’s Every PlayStation VR Launch Game Coming in 2016 & Early 2017

Find out which ones require PlayStation VR and which ones are simply compatible.

Most Anticipated PlayStation VR Launch Games

It’s almost time!

Battlezone co-op

Four-Player Battlezone Co-Op Confirmed for PSVR Launch Title

Tank you for being a friend…

New Battlezone Trailer Shows off the Dynamic Single-Player Campaign

It’s a PlayStation VR launch title.

Assessing the Highs and Lows of PlayStation VR’s First Wave of Games

Greatness awaits?

PGW 2015: Battlezone PlayStation VR Trailer Released, to Be a VR Launch Title (Update)

First on PSVR.

PlayStation LifeStyle Talks Battlezone PS4 and Virtual Reality With Rebellion

Rebellion talks about the ’80s classic and more with PSLS!

Rebellion: Native VR Experience is “Inherently More Intense”

“It makes you realise just how over-the-top we have to be in conventional game design in order to wring a bit of adrenaline out of a player.”

Rebellion: VR Not a Gimmick, Will Stand Alongside “Flat Screen Gaming”

“I don’t think it’s a gimmick”

Battlezone Reboot Announced for Project Morpheus With Reveal Trailer

Do you remember the 1980 game?