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New Days Gone Gameplay Video Offers an Alternate Playthrough of the E3 2017 Demo

And it’s narrated by the Creative Director and Sam Witwer.

Days Gone Cutscenes

E3 2017 – Days Gone Preview – A Living Apocalypse (PS4)

The things we do to survive.

days gone release

E3 2017 – Here’s 7 Minutes of Days Gone Gameplay

Take a deep dive on Days Gone.

days gone release

Days Gone Will Be at E3 2017 “In a Big Way,” According to Voice Actor

Sam Witwer teases the good news.

Sony Bend Studio Has a “Longer Term Plan” for Days Gone, Promises a Huge Story

Zombie theme was inspired by The Walking Dead and World War Z.

New Days Gone Features Detailed: Weapon Crafting, “Huge” Wildlife System, Day/Night Cycle, and more

Not just your average zombie game!

Sony Bend Studio’s PS4 Game Is “Really Looking Great,” Says PlayStation’s Scott Rohde

Rohde says Bend Studio tried a lot of different things before settling on the PS4 game.

Sony Bend Studio’s PS4 Game Looking to Push the System “Somewhere It’s Never Been Before”

Full production is starting and it uses Unreal Engine 4.

Uncharted: Fight for Fortune Officially Unveiled, Coming to PS Vita Next Month

Drake card beats all.