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elder scrolls 6

Todd Howard talks Elder Scrolls 6 and Starfield Engine Changes

Keep scrollin’


Bethesda’s Todd Howard Wanted Fallout 76 Cross-Play, But Says It’s ‘Not Possible’

I’m A.N.N.O.Y.E.D.


Warner Bros. Responds to Bethesda Lawsuit

Warner Bros. has some words for Bethesda.

the elder scrolls 6 single player

Bethesda Says The Elder Scrolls VI is “Just Single-Player”

Don’t worry, Bethesda isn’t going all multiplayer and online.

Rage 2 preview E3 2018

E3 2018 Hands-On Preview: RAGE 2 is Pure Open-World Crazy

Avalanche and id Software is the marriage we never knew we wanted.

the elder scrolls 6 release date the elder scrolls VI release date

Todd Howard Knows The Elder Scrolls VI Release Date, But He’s Not Telling

Probably doesn’t want to slip up and reveal next-gen quite yet!

best e3 announcement

Now Loading: E3 2018 Conferences, Were They Good?

Did the big publishers deliver this year?

fallout 76 microtransactions

Bethesda Promises Free Updates Years After Fallout 76 Launches

Tons of post-launch content.

best e3 announcement

Now Loading: The Best Reveals From This Past Weekend

What was yours?

fallout 76 multiplayer

E3 2018: Recapping the Big Weekend of Announcements

A busy weekend, but things are just getting started

The Elder Scrolls 6 announced

E3 2018: Elder Scrolls VI Announced With Teaser Trailer

They mean it when they say “teaser.”


E3 2018: Bethesda Unveils Starfield, First New Franchise in 25 Years

First new franchise in 25 years.

Fallout 76 collectors edition

E3 2018: Fallout 76 Power Armor Edition Announced

The map looks pretty sweet.

fallout 76 multiplayer

E3 2018: Fallout: 76 is Multiplayer, Releases in November

Drop entire nuclear bombs on your friends out of spite in Fallout: 76.

fallout shelter ps4

E3 2018: Fallout Shelter Available For Free on PS4 Starting Tonight

Available tonight, and for free.

Prey Mooncrash DLC

E3 2018: Prey: Mooncrash DLC Announced With New Game Updates

Arkane Studios had some exciting announcements regarding Prey at the Bethesda E3 2018Read the full article…

wolfenstein youngblood

E3 2018: Wolfenstein: Youngblood Announced, Launching in 2019

Fully co-op, as well.

Rage 2 Collectors Edition

E3 2018: Rage 2 Collector’s Edition Announced, Includes Singing Severed Head

From the same publisher that brought you a Pip Boy…

doom eternal announced

E3 2018: Bethesda Announces DOOM Eternal

Get ready to rip and tear some huge guts.

the elder scrolls legends ps4

E3 2018: The Elder Scrolls: Legends Coming to Consoles Later This Year

Available later this year.