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5 Best PS4, Vita, PSVR Games of Bitsummit 2017

Local co-op, the spirit of Castlevania, and dystopian bartending on your favorite PlayStation systems.


Bitsummit: Stifled Preview – Walk Softly (PSVR)

Softer. No, softer than that. I said SOFT…crap, now they’re after us. Thanks, Gary. Thanks for getting us killed.


Bitsummit: Paper Garden Preview – Relaxing Fun (VR)

I’m not even the biggest VR fan in the world, but I absolutely loved this.


You’d Better Go Hard in the Paint, Son

Make me proud.

moon hunters555-328

These New PS4 Multiplayer Games Made Me Smile And Be All Like “Yeah”

They might not win major awards, but they’ve won my heart.


7 Neat PS4 and Vita Games From Bitsummit 2015 (Plus Show Photos)

Pleasantly surprised by all the interesting stuff.