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BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Platinum The Trinity

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Adds Platinum The Trinity, Orie, and Kanji Tatsumi

Available for free to those who bought the game early!

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle DLC

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Will Double its Roster Size via DLC Characters

It can also be viewed as half the roster being locked behind DLC.

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Makoto Nanaya

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Confirms Tager, Makoto, Nu, and Es to the Roster

This time it’s very BlazBlue-centric.

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle trailer

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Move Lists Emerge, Details Nine Characters

Who will you play as?

blazblue cross tag battle persona

Chie, Noel, and Waldstein Confirmed for BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle

View the first gameplay!

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Characters Revealed

Hazama, Rachel, and Weiss Confirmed for BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle

Watch gameplay of all three.

Jubei Will Finally Be Playable in BlazBlue Central Fiction


BlazBlue: Central Fiction Review – Au Revoir Ragna (PS4)

It’s been a good ride.

BlazBlue: Central Fiction Hits North America in the First Week of November for PS4 & PS3

Game and Fighting Commander controller bundle is $130 USD.

BlazBlue: Central Fiction Limited Edition Announced for PS4 & PS3

There won’t be any English voices when the game launches in November.

BlazBlue: Central Fiction Coming to North America in Winter 2016 on PS4 & PS3

No word on Europe yet.

See Blazblue Chrono Phantasma Extend Anime Opening

Chrono Phantastical

PS Vita Review – BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend

Vita is the new, official, one and only best way to play BlazBlue.

Exclusive Vita Screens: BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend

Developer Arc System Works and publisher Aksys Games have let yet anotherRead the full article…

PS3 Review – BlazBlue: Continuum Shift

Get ready for round 2 because BlazBlue is back with 3 new characters, new modes, and more new content. Are you ready for the Continuum Shift!?!

PSP Review – BlazBlue Portable

BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger was one of the best 2D fighters to hitRead the full article…

BlazBlue Brings The Fight To Europe With New Box Art & Trailer

One of the most intriguing fighters that has graced this generation ofRead the full article…

BlazBlue To Continue in Sequel

There is no doubt that fighting game enthusiasts seemingly loved BlazBlue: CalamityRead the full article…

BlazBlue Bringing The Fight To Europe

One of the most intriguing fighters that has graced this generation ofRead the full article…

PlayStation Release Horizon 07/26/09

This week is pretty bare unless you love anime inspired fighting gamesRead the full article…