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Bodycount Developer Closing Its Doors After Poor Sales

In yet another bit of unfortunate news for UK developers, the CodemastersRead the full article…


Bodycount Stacks a Launch Trailer on the Pile

Bodycount just released in NA and is coming out in Europe soon, and Codemasters is showing it off with a new launch trailer.


Bodycount’s Original Music to be Blood Pumping “Hybrid Soundtrack”

Bodycount intends to keep players on their toes, and the soundtrack from Codemasters composer Mick Kiely will help to maintain that intensity with a unique vibe.


PlayStation Release Horizon – Week of August 30, 2011

With less than a week left until an onslaught of releases, thisRead the full article…


Bodycount Tallies Up a Release Date

It’s been a long wait, but now we finally know when we’ll get our hands on Bodycount, the spiritual successor to Black.

Bodycount Rated 15 by BBFC, 10 Minutes of Cutscenes

After being delayed, Codemasters’ spiritual successor to Black, the FPS Bodycount, isRead the full article…


Bodycount Stuck Without a Calculator Until Summer 2011

Codemasters have announced that its upcoming shooter Bodycount has been shot to shreds and will need extra time on the mend; hence it has been delayed.

Codemasters Comes Down with a Case of Sequelitis

Codemasters is preparing to release F1 2011 this September and along withRead the full article…

Stuart Black Leaves Bodycount Team

Ah, Stuart Black. The infamous creator of the PlayStation 2 cult-classic shooter,Read the full article…

New Bodycount Trailer Revealed

Criterion Games put out the hit first-person shooter Black back in 2006.Read the full article…

Bodycount Developer Has Harsh Words For Realism in Games

Current generation console video games are primarily based on realism more thanRead the full article…

Bodycount is “Not Trying to Beat Call of Duty”

Competition is fierce in the world of first-person shooters. Many FPS titlesRead the full article…

Black 2 Interest is Flattering to Electronic Arts

After four years with the Burnout series, developer Criterion Games surprised fansRead the full article…

Black Creator Has Pop Inspiration

Black was a FPS developed by Criterion Games and released for theRead the full article…