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dayz ps4

Devs Say DayZ Still Coming to the PlayStation 4 ‘Eventually’

Still in the works!

dayz ps4

DayZ Leaving Early Access and Coming to Consoles in 2018

Bohemia offers clarification on PS4 version.

dayz ps4

DayZ PS4 & Xbox One Versions Might Begin Proper Development in Early 2017

99% of Bohemia Interactive’s resources are focused on the PC version.

DayZ “Console Prototype” Pegged for Q1 2016 Release

The end is nigh.

Exclusive Envy – ARMA 3

Watch why we want some realistic shootbang on PlayStation 4.

DayZ Won’t Be Finished Until 2016, No Word on PS4 Version Yet

That’s far away.

Early Access Games: The Good, Bad & Ugly

The term ‘early access’ needs a definition.