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lawbreakers patch

LawBreakers Patch 1.4 Brings Huge Changes to How Health Works

This new change will hopefully make LawBreakers a lot more fun to play.

Lawbreakers update 1.3

Cliff Bleszinski is “Humbled” By LawBreakers Launch

Is it too late for LawBreakers?

lawbreakers update

Boss Key Details Q4 Updates for LawBreakers

There’s a lot of stuff planned.

Lawbreakers PS4 stuttering

LawBreakers PS4 Launch Suffering From Stutters, Frame Drops, and Hitches

Another online game meets issues at launch.


Why You Should Be Excited for LawBreakers

Arena shooters are back.


Cliff Bleszinski: If You Want Boss Key’s LawBreakers on PS4, Let Sony Know

Gameplay reveal happening tomorrow.