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Destiny Companion App Shown in New Video, Available for iOS and Android, Windows Phone Version Not Planned (Update)

It will be available during the beta for all four platforms.

Bad Gamers Ep 78

Bad Gamers: Ep 78 – The Wolf Among Us Spoilercast and Destiny Beta Code Contest

There’s a new Sheriff in town.


Bungie to Invite “Small Wave of Trusted Allies” to Test the Destiny Beta Ahead of Launch

Beta testing the beta…for real.


Bungie Can’t Confirm Whether Destiny Beta Progress Will Carry Over to Full Game

“It’s extremely unknown as to what the outcome will be.”


Bungie Explains What to Expect From Destiny Beta and How It Differs From the Alpha

Off to Old Russia we go.


Bungie: Destiny Beta Is a Test and You’re the Lab Rat

Download codes will be delivered via e-mail.

Destiny Fight

Report: Destiny Beta to Include Four Story Chapters and Competitive Multiplayer

Get ready, Guardians!

destiny beta client

Report: Destiny Beta Client Can be Downloaded via EU PSN Accounts Right Now

Things are about to get a little crazy.


Bungie Loves PlayStation and Xbox Fans Equally, Doesn’t Play Favorites

There’s no beef.


Destiny Gameplay Videos Detail the New First Light Map

It’s the only map in the beta with vehicles.


Mars’ Blind Watch Map Revealed in New Destiny Gameplay Videos

It takes more than 30 seconds to see everything.

Destiny Space

Destiny Gameplay Videos Show Off the New Rusted Lands Map

Is it rusted from the rain?

destiny logo header

PlayStation LifeStyle Destiny Beta Code Giveaway

Want a beta code? Come forth within, Guardian!

Destiny Logo

Destiny Gameplay Videos Feature Shores of Time Map, Titan Domination

Shores of Time will be part of the beta.

Destiny Fight

Destiny Digital Guardian Edition Pre-Order Upgrade Available in the US, Canada

All you have to do is pay the difference.


Destiny Collector’s Editions, Beta Duration, & Expansions Announced

Bungie recommends you play the beta on July 26…


Destiny Beta Open to PlayStation Plus Asia, Limited to 5,000 Members

Here we go again…though this one looks legit this time.


Report: Destiny PvP Modes Revealed, Includes Skirmish, Rumble and More

Maybe we’ll get to play some of these modes in the beta.

Destiny Logo

Bungie Confirms Destiny Beta Won’t be Under NDA, Players Won’t be Able to Trade Weapons

You’ve got to earn your weapons!


Report: Destiny Beta to Last 10 Days According to Japanese Beta Site (Update)

We’re just as excited as you are