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Destiny Xur Location and Items for June 26-28, 2015 Listed

A pulse rifle worth having!


Bungie Apologizes to Destiny Players, Reveals Exclusive Year One Items

You can buy The Taken King Collector’s Edition content for $20 on its own.


PlayStation-Exclusive Destiny Strikes Will Get Tougher This September

To coincide with their release on Xbox.


Unlock a New Quest in Destiny: The Taken King By Buying Red Bull This Summer

The quest will go live to everyone next year.


Destiny Update Goes Live Today, Game Going Offline for Maintenance (Update)

Downtime expected to last one hour.


Bungie Says Destiny Year One Players Will Receive “Something Better” Than The Taken King Collector’s Edition Perks

We’ll learn details later this week.

Destiny The Taken King Hunter Nightstalker

Bungie Defends Destiny The Taken King Expansion High Selling Price

“We’re really comfortable with the value we’re giving to players this autumn.”


Conversations With Creators Returns This July, Episodes to Include Naughty Dog & More

Free episodes will be available on the PlayStation Store in the US and Canada.


Destiny Offline Today for Up to Six Hours (Update)

Blame maintenance.


E3 2015 – Destiny: The Taken King Hands-On Preview: Oryx’s Revenge

The new subclasses are awesome.

Destiny Skolas

Destiny on Next-Gen is Bungie’s “Full Vision” Claims Activision

Not being constricted by last-gen hardware.


Destiny Xur Location and Items for June 19-21, 2015 Listed

New armor for Hunters and Titans, woo! (Sorry, Warlocks…)


Destiny The Taken King New Subclasses Revealed in Video, Exclusive PlayStation Content Detailed

Also, learn about the plot of The Taken King.


Destiny: The Taken King Legendary Edition Includes Game & All Expansions for $60

The Taken King is $40 on its own.


E3 2015 – Destiny’s The Taken King Trailer Revealed, Release Date Given

Also, there are 20 millions Destiny players.


Destiny Update Goes Live Today, Game Going Offline at 11am in Preparation (Update)

Finish your activities while there’s still time!

Destiny Skolas

Destiny Hotfix Arriving Next Week, Will Tweak Skolas Encounter

Beating Skolas will be easier.


Destiny Xur Location and Items for June 12-14, 2015 Listed

Well, he’s not at the Lighthouse…


Destiny’s Elimination Mode Included in Standard Crucible Playlist Rotation

No date given on when it will be taken out of the list of Crucible playlists, tho.


Report: Destiny’s The Taken King Expansion Launches September 15 for $39.99

Leaked marketing materials suggest there will be a new subclass for each class.