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resident evil the final chapter movie

Resident Evil Movies Were Successful Because They Respected Games, Says Director

Final movie will be terrifying.


October Update Injects a Little Halloween Spirit Into Street Fighter V

Trick or treat.

Dragons Dogma Online

Dragon’s Dogma Online May Go West

Perhaps we’ll get in by the third season?


Street Fighter V: Here’s How to Get Urien’s Classic Underpants

Strip him down!


Street Fighter V Update Today Going Live After 10 Hours of Server Maintenance

Your going to have to wait to play as Urien.


Street Fighter V’s Urien Gets a Character Introduction Series Video

Capcom explains where the Capcom Pro Tour DLC revenue goes.


New Street Fighter V Update Releasing on Sept 22 With “Boatloads of New Content”

Lots of bugs being fixed as well.

Resident Evil Monster Hunter Movie 555x328

Resident Evil Animated Film & Monster Hunter Movie in Production, Capcom Reveals

Two big reveals!


Resident Evil 7 Trailer Shows Combat, Demo Gets Updated, Deluxe Edition Price Increases

Everyone can now download the demo for free.

Capcom Game Remasters

Capcom’s Future Development Plans Include More HD Remastered Games

Oh joy, more remastered games.

Resident Evil 7 microtransactions

Resident Evil 7 Won’t Have Microtransactions

And there is PS4 Pro support! Happy day!

DEAD RISING_20160910004110

Dead Rising Triple Pack Review – Old Is New Again (PS4)

Hmmmmm BRAINZ!

Dead Rising Trophy List

Dead Rising Trophy Lists Revealed Across All Dead Rising PS4 Games

So many zombies to photograph, so little time.

Resident Evil 7 pre-order

Resident Evil VII’s Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed

Looks like roast zombie is back on the menu.


Street Fighter V Urien Trailer Highlights This Month’s New Fighter

A release date will be announced at TGS.


Reminder: Humble Capcom PlayStation Bundle Ends Tomorrow, September 6

Time’s almost up!


Capcom Details Its TGS 2016 Program, Konami Announces Lineup

Lots of Resident Evil.


Resident Evil 4 PS4 and Xbox One Launch Trailer Reminds You It’s the Best of the Bunch

What are ya buyin’?


Resident Evil 4 PS4 Trophy List Is the Same as PS3, Doesn’t Include a Platinum

Watch the first hour of the game played on PS4.


Capcom “Scaling Back” on Classic Cameos in Resident Evil 7, Says Leon Voice Actor

He thinks it’s a good idea.