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Dead Rising 4 capcom heroes

Dead Rising 4 Capcom Heroes Mode Gameplay Shown in New Trailer

Ghost Trick finally getting the love it deserves.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Announced, Coming Next Year to PS4

New V-triggers!

street fighter v arcade mode

Street Fighter V Arcade Edition Details Leaked by Amazon

It’s a major update!

Report: Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Budget Was Half the Amount of Street Fighter V’s DLC Plans

Characters were allegedly cut to use as DLC.

black panther gameplay

Watch First Gameplay Footage of Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite’s Black Panther and Sigma

Both characters look fun to play as.

Dead Rising 4 ps4

Dante Confirmed for Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package

A new Capcom Heroes costume has been revealed.

dragons dogma dark arisen gameplay

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen Out Now on PlayStation 4

Go play it!

marvel vs capcom infinite dlc character

Leaked Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite Images Give Us a Sneak Peak at DLC Characters

This will probably be how these DLC characters will look in the game!

new mega man game

Capcom Teases Mega Man Announcements for December

A new collection?

street fighter v arcade mode

Street Fighter V Arcade Mode Allegedly Shown in Leaked Video

Where there’s smoke there’s fire.

Not a Hero Gameplay

Check Out 10+ Minutes of Resident Evil 7’s Not A Hero DLC

Chris Redfield is back!

Monster Hunter World Preview

New Monster Hunter: World Footage Showcases Two New Facilities

Check out the areas!

Monster Hunter World Gameplay

Watch 20+ Minutes of Monster Hunter: World Gameplay from TGS 2017

Check out the new area!

marvel vs capcom infinite sales

Here’s How Monster Hunter Plays in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

She looks to be a fun DLC character.

Special Edition Monster Hunter: World PS4 Pro Console is Exclusive to Japan

It sure is a stunning looking console.

street fighter v arcade mode

Street Fighter V Arcade Edition Listed by UK Retailer

What could it be?

monster hunter world multiplayer

Monster Hunter World Gameplay & World Detailed

New gameplay and information!

monster hunter world multiplayer

Monster Hunter: World Release Date Announced

You won’t have to wait long.

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite review

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Review – Winning With Style (PS4)

Despite the hate online, Infinite is a great fighter.