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Sengoku Basara Festival Summer 2018

Capcom Will Hold Sengoku Basara Festival Summer 2018 in Japan

Could a new Basara game be announced here?

monster hunter world spring blossom festival

Capcom Details Monster Hunter: World’s Spring Blossom Festival

Earn old gear once again!

read the street fighter 5 update 1.18 patch notes

Read the Street Fighter V Update 2.02 Patch Notes

Huge changes coming to the fighting game.

monster hunter world update

Monster Hunter: World Update 2.01 Coming Next Week, Fixes Bow Issues and Several Bugs

Item pouch is being tweaked.

Street Fighter 5 Darkstalkers Costumes

Street Fighter V Getting Darkstalkers Costume DLC

Lilith, Donovan, and more!

puzzle fighter ps4

Puzzle Fighter PS4 Version Rated by PEGI

All your favorite Capcom stars.

Street Fighter TV Show 2018

A Live-Action Street Fighter TV Show is in the Works

From the team that made the Assassin’s Fist webseries.

‘Working With Marvel is a F**king Nightmare,’ Details Surface About Marvel’s MvCI Demands

“They wouldn’t allow us to do the combos on any Marvel character.”

Monster Hunter World Deviljho

Monster Hunter: World Deviljho Trailer Shows Off Dangerous New Monster

A new boss to take down.

Monster Hunter World Update 2.00 Patch Notes

Read the Monster Hunter: World Update 2.00 Patch Notes

A ton of changes!

street fighter 30th anniversary collection preorder

Get Ultra SFIV for Free by Preordering Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection

Another game!

killer7 remaster

Report: Killer7 and Flower, Sun, and Rain Remasters Announced at Grasshopper Manufacture Event

No word on platforms.

Monster Hunter World character edit Voucher

PSA: Free Monster Hunter: World Character Edit Voucher Is Available Now

You can change your gender and character features.

monster hunter world update

Monster Hunter: World Getting Major Update Next Week, Including New Monster

Spring Festival coming in April!

monster hunter world devil may cry

Devil May Cry’s Dante Will Join Monster Hunter: World

Get Dante and a variation of his weapons!

Want To Wear Cool Sunglasses in Monster Hunter: World? This Week’s Event is For You

Hunt monsters and look cool doing it.

How to Get Free Monster Hunter: World Commemorative Item Pack Celebrating 7.5 Million Sales

Includes some rare and valuable items.

Monster Hunter World live stream 2018 Spring

Get Ready For a New Monster Hunter: World Live Stream in Spring 2018

Likely will have info on the Deviljho update patch.

PSA: Don’t Forget To Do Monster Hunter: World’s Aloy Event and Wiggler Head Event Before They’re Gone

Don’t miss out on your chance at custom armor!

monster hunter world sales

Monster Hunter: World Sales Top 7.5 Million, Becomes Capcom’s Best Selling Game

A record for the company.