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Report: Street Fighter V Data Files Name Post-Launch DLC Characters

Guile’s back! Woo-hoo!


Capcom Sees Increase in Sales, Fall in Profits

Mixed results.


PGW 2015: Street Fighter V Release Date Is February 16, 2016, Trailer Reveals Dhalsim

Expect confirmation today.


Alex, Ibuki, and Other Characters Possibly Leaked for Street Fighter V

Some additional character assets found as well.


Street Fighter V Beta Phase 1 Characters Added to Second Test as “Token of Appreciation”

Beta concludes today.


Capcom Plans to Release a Big Game Every 2.5 Years, Will Continue Supporting PS3, Xbox 360

Capcom said in a financial document.


Street Fighter V Character Showcase Video Features Laura and Zangief

Following the confirmation of Laura and Zangief as the latest fighters addedRead the full article…


Resident Evil Team Focusing on VR, Resident Evil 0 Dev Diary Talks Improved Graphics

“We have just set sail on our latest voyage.”

alex street fighter

Capcom to Consider Expanding Classic Fighter Alex’s Role in Street Fighter V

No promises have been made, though.


Laura Matsuda Confirmed for Street Fighter V, Watch Her Debut Gameplay Trailer

She’s the first grappler in Street Fighter history to ever have a projectile.


Umbrella Corps Gameplay Video Shows a 3v3 Battle, Game Costs $29.99

It’s a digital-only title on PS4 and PC.


Next Street Fighter V Beta Starts October 22, Includes PS4 & PC Cross-Play

Ken, Necalli, Vega and R. Mika will be available at the beginning of the beta.


Capcom: “Please Stay Tuned” for News on Resident Evil 7

But, there are no current plans to reboot Devil May Cry.

re umbrella corps

Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps Playable at New York Comic Con Ahead of Early 2016 Release on PS4 & PC

Sounds like Capcom will announce a new Street Fighter V at NYCC as well.


Street Fighter V: Laura Leaked – 8 Screenshots (Update)

Posted by Famitsu, pulled down almost immediately.


Zangief Confirmed for Street Fighter V, See Him in Action

The red cyclone returns.


Only 1 Version of Street Fighter 5; Capcom Unsure of DLC Prices

There won’t be a “Super Street Fighter 5,” for example.


Capcom on Remaster Market: “The Pool Is Unlikely to Go Dry for a While”

Remasters will be a great offer as long as publishers choose their projects carefully and focus on quality.


Trophy List Revealed for Resident Evil 0, One Requires Beating Game Without Saving

That’s not easy to do.