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Capcom Confesses “We’re Trying to be as Inclusive as Possible” With Resident Evil, “Hard to Maintain a Horror Feel”

More action isn’t always necessarily better.


Resident Evil 6 Review (PS3)

See no ‘evil’ resident.

eating people

Celebrate Resident Evil 6′s Release by Eating People Courtesy of Capcom

Capcom invites you to eat human flesh, drink stool and fear for the future.


Capcom Willing to Remake Resident Evil 2 With Enough Fan Support

Better hit the forums.

PSAllStars Onimusha

Rumor: Spark Unlimited Working on Onimusha 4

It sure has been quite a while.


Get a Fresh Look at Remember Me Gameplay in TGS Walkthrough

Customizable combos? Sign me up!


Okami HD Dated for North America and Europe

Just a month away.


Get a Look at Nilin in Action via Remember Me Gameplay Footage From Gamescom

This is one new IP to keep on your radar.


Resident Evil 6 Demo Heading to PSN This Month

Get a taste of the horror that awaits in just two week’s time.

Resident Evil 6 header

Early Resident Evil 6 Copies Were Stolen, Confirms Capcom

Polish retailer had been selling several copies of the PS3 version.

DmC Devil May Cry

Capcom Understands Initial Negative Devil May Cry Reboot Reaction

When players try the game, players will understand Capcom wanting to do “the right thing”.


Street Fighter Director Ono Helping Out on Remember Me’s Combat

Yay for teamwork!


Capcom Committed to Remember Me, “Long-Term Future” Planned for the Franchise

Altering memories for years to come.

DmC Devil May Cry

Capcom Teases DmC: Devil May Cry Sequel

Publisher wants players to consider “what could come next”.


Remember Me Will Feature “50% Action, 50% Exploration/Adventure”

Title will deliver a “clear action-adventure recipe”


How Remember Me Differentiates Itself From Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs focuses on technology, while Remember Me aims to capture what it means for the people it affects.


Capcom Didn’t Want to Wait for the Franchise to “Fizzle Out” Before Rebooting Devil May Cry

Understandable. But why emo Dante?!


Capcom Discusses Working With a Western Studio on DmC: “We Take a Best of Both Worlds Approach”

Two approaches are better than one!

feature - residentevil6logo

Capcom Releases Screenshots & Video of Ada Wong and Agent Hunt in Resident Evil 6, Reveals New Agent Hunt Details

Capcom reveals details about Agent Hunt, also releases screenshots and video for Ada Wong and Agent Hunt.

feature - residentevil6logo

Join The Hordes Of The Undead In Resident Evil 6′s “Agent Hunt” Mode

Capcom is allowing other players to invade RE6′s main game as an undead creature in select stages.