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Street Fighter V June Update out on July 1, Includes Balrog & Ibuki

Balrog’s reveal trailer teases Juri and Urien.


Capcom on Resident Evil 7 Protagonist: An “Ordinary Person” Stuck in an Extraordinary Situation

“It isn’t an existing character whose eyes you’re seeing through.”


Street Fighter V June Update Next Week Includes Many Matchmaking Improvements

Expect things to be quicker and more balanced.

Resident Evil 7 PreE3 555x328

Resident Evil 7 biohazard Development Around 65 Percent Complete

Producer Kawada Masachika teases unannounced Capcom game.

E3 2016 – Resident Evil 7 VR Hands-On Preview – Convincing Horror

It’s all about perspective.


E3 2016 – Resident Evil 7 Is Entirely in First-Person, Return to Horror Was Driven by Consumers

“There will be many types of game mechanics including combat, perhaps some gun-play.”


E3 2016 – Dead Rising 4 Is a Timed Xbox One Exclusive, Meaning it Could Come to PS4

It wouldn’t arrive until December 2017 at the earliest though.

E3 2016 – Resident Evil 7 Not Considered a Reboot, May Include Multiple Stories

A far cry from Umbrella Corps, it seems.


E3 2016 – Resident Evil 7 Development Began in 2014, Demo Isn’t Part of the Game

It’s now much easier to get the demo!


Resident Evil 7 Demo Is Live on PS4, Watch a Walkthrough

You’ll need to be a PlayStation Plus member.

Dead Rising 4 04 555x328

E3 2016 – Dead Rising 4 Box Art Suggests It’s Xbox One Exclusive (Update)

There was no official word from Capcom at the time of this update.


Opening 10 Minutes of Street Fighter V Story Mode Emerges Online (Spoiler Warning)

Capcom says all cutscenes rendered in real-time.


Devil May Cry 5 Appears on Voice Actor’s Resume (Update)

Nils Hognestad says he’s playing the lead.


Report: Dead Rising 4 to Be an Xbox One Console Exclusive

Also coming to PC, but not PS4.


Capcom and Evo Pull Player From 2016 Tour Following Sexual Harassment

“Harassment will continue to have a zero tolerance policy at Combo Breaker events.”


Capcom Warns of Further Street Fighter V DLC Delays, Apologizes for Lack of Ibuki Communication

They’re “aiming” to have Ibuki and the Cinematic Story Mode this month.


Ibuki Isn’t Coming to Street Fighter V Until the End of June Due to “Unforeseen Delays”

“She will be released alongside Story Mode at the end of June.”


Resident Evil 5 Releases on June 28 for PS4 & Xbox One With All DLC, Increased Frame-Rate

Physical version arrives in July.