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Capcom Will Crack Down on Street Fighter V Rage Quitting Later This Month

“More details coming soon!”


PlayStation Now Subscription Adds Two Resident Evil Games In Celebration of 20th Anniversary

They join other Resident Evil titles like RE4, RE5, and RE6.


Street Fighter V Servers Offline for Five Hours of Maintenance Today, April 12

Dhalsim and FANG get Character Guides.


Street Fighter V Producer: “We Underestimated the Popularity of Some of the Single-Player Features”

He knows it probably would’ve been better received with more features at launch.


Umbrella Corps Release Date Delayed to June 21, New Trailer Details Customization

They’ll spend the extra time on optimization.


April 2016 PlayStation Now Subscription Additions Include Devil May Cry Games

Other Capcom games added as well.


Resident Evil 2 Remake Will “Recapture the Spirit” of PSOne Original, Capcom Acknowledges Resident Evil 6 Feedback

Koji Oda reflects on franchise’s decorated 20-year history.


Street Fighter V Character Intro Clip Shows Alex in Action

Here’s why you should try Alex.


Mega Man Legends 2 Hitting North America on April 5 as a PSOne Classic

First title released back in September.


Resident Evil 6 Comparison Gameplay Video Confirms 1080p/60fps on PS4 & Xbox One

Performance is better on PS4.


Street Fighter V Alex Trailer and Details Revealed

“Free trial period” for Alex.


Street Fighter V Update Heralds Alternate Costumes for Fighters, Physics Tweaks

Ken sports a rather bizarre new haircut.


Resident Evil 6 PS4 to Run Natively at 1080p/60fps

Take a peek at new gameplay.


Street Fighter V Zangief and Laura Character Guides Released

Kick, punch, throw.


Street Fighter V March Update Out on Monday, Alex Arrives on March 30

Good news: Everyone can access Alex for free until the Zenny shop launches.

Header 20 Years of Evil – Resident Evil Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary

20 Years of Evil – Resident Evil Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary

20 years of scares!


Street Fighter V Servers Offline for 7 Hours Today Due to Maintenance

Starts at 10am PT.


Official Street Fighter V Rashid Guide Jumps Out

Catch some air!