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monster hunter gold

Monster Hunter Gold Statues Up for Sale to Mark 10th Anniversary

24 karat gold.


Capcom Posts Steady Profits for Q1 Despite Lack of Major Releases

Pinning hopes on Monster Hunter 4G.


Capcom: Risk Required for Deep Down Since It’s Free-to-Play

Who’d have thought being F2P would be risky?!


Capcom to Announce Something Street Fighter-Related “Soon”

Prepare for Ultra Super Street Fighter IV Remix Dash Champion Edition or will it be for Street Fighter V?


Report: DmC Devil Cry Ultimate, Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Listed by Retailer

  Definitely something to treat as a rumor for now, Russian retailerRead the full article…


Lost Planet 3 PS3 Patch Coming Thursday, Migrates Online Services

Online leaderboards will be reset.

Deep Down Beta Details Coming Soon

Deep Down is still hiding deep, but not for long.


Dead Rising Movie Being Made by Legendary Digital Media

Zombies from Capcom now in film, biting you soon.


Street Fighter Producer Yoshinori Ono Working on Unannounced Game,

Another PS4 game from Capcom will be announced at some point soon.


Street Fighter V in Development, Capcom Looking Into “Pay-for Advantage” System for New Players (Update)

Ultra Super Street Fighter V Championship Turbo Edition incoming.


Deep Down E3 2014 Trailer Shows Combat, Powers, and Monsters

Go deeper.


GameSpy Servers Shutting Down Soon, 100s of Games Potentially Affected

We already have our first confirmed casualty.


Capcom: Amount of Work Involved With Creating Next-Gen Games is “8 to 10 Times Greater” Than Last Gen

Panta Rhei engine’s features discussed.


PS4 Exclusive Deep Down to be Free-to-Play, Japanese Open Beta Announced

Time to move to Japan.


Deep Down: Hands-on with PS4-Exclusive action/adventure-RPG (TGS)

Capcom takes me down in Tokyo town.


Capcom: Breath of Fire III Coming to the North American PSN Hasn’t Made any Progress

But hope wasn’t extinguished.