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PS Vita Review – Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

How does this PS3 fighter transition to handheld form? Pretty dang well, actually.


Watch the Whole First Stage of Asura’s Wrath

Due out in February, CyberConnect2 and Capcom have some new video footageRead the full article…


Asura’s Wrath Demo Unleashed Day And Date With Retail Release

Capcom has announced that a demo for Asura’s Wrath will come outRead the full article…


Rumor: Dead Rising 3 to Include Swarms of Illegal Immigrant Zombies in California

Do you enjoy killing zombies? More specifically, would you like to seeRead the full article…


Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Ringing in The New Year

With the new year around the corner, Capcom is preparing yet anotherRead the full article…


Asura’s Wrath Strikes with Big Pre-Order Bonuses

Asura’s Wrath recently received a release date of February 21st, making itRead the full article…


Dragon’s Dogma Shows Harpy Breasts to ESRB, Gets Mature Rating

Capcom has caught some attention with their upcoming action-adventure title, Dragon’s Dogma,Read the full article…


Capcom to Unleash Asura’s Wrath in February, Will Compete with Ninja Gaiden III

Capcom is currently in the late stages of production for Asura’s Wrath, whichRead the full article…


See These Dragon’s Dogma Screens With One Eye

Capcom has released some new images of its upcoming action/adventure RPG, Dragon’sRead the full article…


Capcom Replies to Concerns Over PlayStation Receiving Three Exclusive SFxT Characters

Throughout the course of the year, Capcom has announced several exclusive charactersRead the full article…


Prepare Your PS3′s Hard Drive for Resident Evil HD, Download Sizes Revealed

Two of arguably the most successful titles in Resident Evil history willRead the full article…


First Devil May Cry Gameplay Footage Shown in Demo

The Tokyo Game Show has seen the arrival of direct gameplay footageRead the full article…


Resident Evil 4 HD Trophy List

2005′s Game of the Year winning Resident Evil 4 is making itsRead the full article…


ESRB Rates First Three Devil May Cry Games for PS3 Release

Rumors have been circulating since June, when an advertisement was posted byRead the full article…


PlayStation LifeStyle’s Best Three of PAX 2011

Developers and publishers really brought their A-game to PAX this year, withRead the full article…

feature-RE Raccoon City

PAX Hands On – Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

While it was a completely new step for the franchise, our time with the game here at PAX proved that it might just be the best step they have taken in a while.

Street Fighter III Third Strike Online Edition Feature 5

PSN Review – Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition

The Street Fighter franchise has been around since 1987, and has steadilyRead the full article…


Sony Stalls Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD Localization for Europe and North America

The Monster Hunter series has been one of the biggest things missingRead the full article…


Asura’s Wrath Skips Anger Management, Appears at gamescom

Today Capcom has released new media for it’s titles, and one of those is CyberConnect2-developed Asura’s Wrath.


Four New Street Fighter X Tekken Characters Revealed

Street Fighter X Tekken has really been keeping fighting game fans piningRead the full article…