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PlayStation Middle East Teases Something About Crash

Crash wanted?


Shuhei Yoshida Casts Doubt on SOCOM and Crash Coming to PS4

Looks like Max Payne is headed to PS4.


Shuhei Yoshida on a New Wipeout Game: “Never Say Never”

Sony Bend Studio is working on an “awesome, cool game” he isn’t allowed to talk about.


The Best PS1 Game of All Time Is Metal Gear Solid, According to Sony Fan Poll

Final Fantasy VII was 2nd.


Unused Crash Bandicoot Animation Released by Game Producer, Was Shelved by Sony

Sony wanted to go 3D.


Naughty Dog Wanted to Put a Crash Bandicoot Game Inside Uncharted 4

Sony still doesn’t own the IP, so nope.


15 PlayStation 3D Platformers That You Need to Play

Jump Around!


PlayStation Icons: The Newbies vs. The Old Guard

The generation game.


Naughty Dog Retrospective

Naughty but nice!


Crash Bandicoot – The Past, Present and Future

From Willy the Wombat to Sony’s Platforming Mascot.


Uncharted 4 “Stuff” Being Shown Off “Very Soon,” Says Naughty Dog Co-President

He also talks about Crash Bandicoot frustration and some scrapped sci-fi game art.

Jak 3 HD and daxter

Naughty Dog: New Jak & Daxter and Crash Games are “Never off the Table”

Right now though, they’re focused on narrative-driven games with strong characters.


Sony Might Bring Our Favorite Characters Back, Including Spyro & Crash Bandicoot

Now where are the crystals?


More PS1 Classics & PSP Games Are Now PS Vita Compatible – Check Your Download List!

It’s time for some Crash Team Racing on my Vita!


Activision Confirms They Still Own Crash Bandicoot, Are Looking at How to Bring the Series Back

Change his name to Dash Dingo?


Does Activision Still Own the Crash Bandicoot License? Adam Boyes Says Yes; Activision Says “No Comment”

Now we play the waiting game.


July 2013 European PSN Sales Charts: The Last of Us and Hotline Miami Finish at #1

Crash Bandicoot tops 500,000 downloads.

Uncharted 3-feature

Uncharted 3 is a Grand Adventure Encompassing 15-Years of Naughty Dog Experience

Uncharted is widely considered to be one of the greatest IPs ofRead the full article…

feature-jak and daxter

Crash Bandicoot, Jak & Daxter to Be Left Behind Says Naughty Dog

Naughty Dog may be one of the most respected development studios ofRead the full article…