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star wars battlefront speeder

Burnout Studio Criterion Games Helped DICE With Star Wars Battlefront’s Speeder Bikes

Criterion is alive and well.


Criterion: “No Plans” for Future Burnout Games at the Moment

But the studio relishes the day the “possibility” of returning to the franchise one day.


Report: Crystal Dynamics & Criterion Games to Announce New Games at E3 2014

We’ll also be getting a Mirror’s Edge update at E3.


Alex Ward Explains a Situation That Led to his Departure From Criterion

It involves Need for Speed: Most Wanted on the Wii U.


Criterion Co-Founders Leave Studio, Criterion is “Hard at Work” on a New IP for PS4 & Xbox One

Alex Ward and Fiona Sperry will be forming a new company together.


Visceral/Criterion Making Possible Battlefield Spin-Off, Military Shooter, Claims Pachter

How about Burnout with guns instead? They could call it Full Auto!


Criterion Games Dev Shows off BLACK 2 ‘Target X’ Video Frames, Re-Confirms “No. We’re not Doing it”

Says DICE have mastered the genre.


Criterion Games Dev Talks Cancelled Road Rash, Burnout Not in Development, Teases Non-Racing Game

If only they’d bring us BLACK 2.


Need for Speed: Most Wanted Review (PS Vita)

Small device, big game.


Need for Speed: Most Wanted Review (PS3)

Do you want this?


Aside From a Few Minor Differences, NFS: Most Wanted on Vita is “Exactly the Same Game” as the PS3 Version

Racing on the go has never looked so good.


The Chase is on in Need for Speed: Most Wanted’s Launch Trailer

Will you become Fairhaven’s most wanted driver?


Need for Speed: Most Wanted Preview (PS3)

Breaking the law has never been so much fun.


See Fairhaven’s Most Wanted Driver in New Need for Speed: Most Wanted Trailer



PlayStation LifeStyle Goes to Germany — NFS: Most Wanted Preview Event

Leipzig, baby!

Need for Speed Most Wanted 2012-feature

Ditch The Cops In New Need For Speed: Most Wanted Gameplay Video

EA and Criterion’s racer will have players outrunning the cops of Fairhaven City.

Need for Speed Most Wanted 2012-feature

Need for Speed: Most Wanted Limited Edition and Pre-Order Incentives Detailed

Are you ready for the next iteration of the venerable Need for SpeedRead the full article…

Most Wanted-2-E3 2012 feature

Need for Speed: Most Wanted Preview (PS3)

When it comes to racing games, few series have had the continuousRead the full article…

Most Wanted-E3 2012 feature

Need for Speed: Most Wanted Dated for PS3 and Vita

EA announced a release date for Need for Speed: Most Wanted on PS3 and Vita.

feature-Burnout Crash2

Burnout CRASH! is Dated for More Than a Fender Bender

Criterion Games decided to make a PSN game based on Burnout’s classic crash mode, called Burnout CRASH!, and now we know when it’s slamming in the PSN.